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How to make a mold?

It is necessary to make a  mold to process your order, because your hair system is totally personalized. Our technicians use the mold to make your hair system completely by hand.

Your head should be dry. You will need a marker and transparent film (just what you have in the kitchen). First draw the hair line that your would like on your head.

2.Cover your head with a piece of  transparent film and tie the ends under your chin tight enough to easily draw lines.

3.Once well tied and fastened, begin to copy the hair line you drew on your skin.

4.Cover the film with 3 layers of transparent tape, in the direction indicated by the picture.

5.As indicated draw the the direction you want the hair to go (except Freestyle style in which we will not mark anything). You can also draw the direction of the hair with the mold in your hands (it is easier).

6. Cut out the template of the as indicated in the picture.

Very important: Always indicate by writing in the template with black pen FRONT for the front and BACK for the back area. After writing these words we cover them with transparent tape so the words are not erased.


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