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Your experience in the hair system industry will tell you that many of your first-time clients will have concerns about how realistic a hair system can look. Of the many features that go into achieving the most realistic look for your clients, choosing the correct human hair color for them is key. Incorrect hair color can be a dead giveaway to the average person in the street and there only needs to be a subtle difference in the color of the hair system wearer’s own hair and that of their hair replacement systems.


At New Times Hair we endeavor to ensure that incorrect hair color is never an issue for your clients. In our latest blog, we will give you a quick oversight of how we dye our human hair wigs. Before dyeing any hair, we will test each bundle of hair that we are going to ventilate to make sure that the hair is of good quality.

The first step of the coloring process involves bleaching the raw hair to a lighter color. This first step is carefully thought out as how exactly we bleach the hair depends on the hair color and the hair type that the individual client has chosen. We will not just bleach the hair the same way each time. After bleaching, we will wait for the hair to dry. Once the hair is dry, we will dye the bleached hair according to the client’s color sample or the color they chose from our color ring. Then, the hair needs to dry again. When dry, we will compare it against the color sample or color ring to check that we have dyed it to the right color.

The coloring process does not finish there, however, as there are two tests we need to do so that the client will not experience any issues with their new hair. We first need to know that the color is going to last and will not fade quickly. So, we will simply place the hair into some hot water. If the water is still clear after the hair has been taken out, the hair has been properly dyed and the color will not fade quickly.

Secondly, we need to see if the hair is going to tangle at a later stage. To do this, we use some detergent to wash the hair. (Detergent removes the protective oil of the hair.) If the hair does not tangle when combed, the hair is neither damaged nor under processed and it will not tangle when the client combs or brushes it.

At New Times Hair, we pride ourselves on the vast array of color options we offer. If you do not already have one of our human hair color rings, we recommend you order at least one. We have color rings displaying our stock hair colors and also the most typical hair colors requested by both men and women for custom orders. With them, you will be able to accurately select the best hair color for your clients. Better still, get your clients to send in an actual hair sample from their head and we will dye our raw hair accordingly. For more information on coloring hair or advice on the correct way of taking hair samples, please feel free to contact us at



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