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Why do Jewish women wear Jewish kosher wigs? Jewish wigs have a long history and they have come to represent humility, decency and dignity. It was stated more than 2,700 years ago in the "Central Asian Scriptures" that prostitutes and female slaves who did not wear veils properly would be punished. Similar records have appeared in the historical materials of the Byzantine Empire and the ancient Greeks and Roman Empires. The orthodox Talmud also stipulates that married Jewish women must cover their hair in public. It was said that the sexual nature of women's hair could seduce men so married Jewish women would shave or cover their hair. On solemn occasions, Jewish women wear a hat or a baotou so it is not uncommon to see women wearing them on the streets of Jerusalem. It is not necessarily a headscarf that covers their hair. You can use a wig, a scarf or a hairnet – a hairdressing tool popular in the Middle Ages. Since the 19th century, wearing wigs has become popular among more affluent Jewish women. In the 1950s, wigs began to be imported from some developing countries and more women were able to start wearing wigs thanks to their lower prices. For Jewish women who strictly abide by the Orthodox Jewish doctrine, wearing Jewish wigs and styling wigs is a part of daily life.

Jewish Wigs

It is not only Jewish people who wear Jewish wigs but also non-Jewish people as they like the quality and realistic effect of them. Jewish wigs are among the highest quality in women's wigs. As the profit margins of Jewish wigs are much higher than other types of wigs, many wholesalers are involved in the kosher wig wholesale business.

Therefore, as a professional human hair wig manufacturer, we also make Jewish kosher wigs wholesale. Jewish wigs are also called kosher wigs or silk top wigs which are a kind of high-grade, real hair, hand-crocheted wig. Through our dealings with customers, we have found that many customers like the high quality of Jewish wigs very much but most of them do not know a lot about Jewish kosher wigs. Therefore, we will share some of our professional expertise about Jewish wigs and some issues that you need to be aware of so that you can appropriately customize Jewish wigs for your customers.


The top of the head is handcrafted from injected lace and the rear part is machine-made. From the below picture we can see the silk top cap is very natural because the hair is knotted in the middle layer and the hair is pulled out of the outer layer of Chinese silk mono. As a result, it looks like the hair is growing out of the scalp. You cannot see the knots on the outer layer as they are on the unseen middle layer. The inner layer is a net that will sit comfortably on the scalp of the wearer. The construction and production of this wig is the most advanced technology for producing any wig and this can be seen by its very natural appearance. The below picture shows a natural silk top. 

Jewish Womens Wigs

There are two base designs according to whether there is lace at the front or not:

  • If there is no lace at the front, underhair needs to be added. Underhair can be knotted in a straight line across the front hairline or it can be knotted in a criss-cross fashion which is easier for styling the hair.
  • If there is lace at the front, it can make the front hair fluffier and more natural.

Silk tops are usually made two ways:

  1. Silk mono. This material is soft and more realistic and traditional Jews prefer it.
  2. Super fine mono. This material can make the hair look fluffy.

You can choose your favorite top material according to your clients’ preference.

The back mesh material can also be selected according to your needs. The large holes of the mesh material are generally more breathable.

As for curls (should they be requested), the hair is usually permed after the wig has been made in order not to damage the hair. We can make permanent curls or we can use a curling iron to make one-time curls.

Hair Type

Jewish wigs are made of European hair, Mongolian hair, Brazilian hair and Chinese virgin hair. These types of hair are not treated with acid so the quality of the hair is very good. Moreover, the selection process of raw materials in factories is very strict. Generally, only 100 kilograms of hair can be picked up for every 10 kilograms. Jewish wigs will not be made by Indian hair. In the spring of 2004, the Rabbi Elyashiv banned female devotees from using Indian-made wigs. His reasoning was that the hair used to make wigs was from Indian women taking part in Hindu ceremonies. As their hair was shaved off as an offering to Hindu gods, this constitutes a form of idolatry so Orthodox Jewish female believers are prohibited from wearing wigs with this kind of hair. As a result of this ban, Jewish Orthodox women around the world stopped wearing their wigs, through them away or even burnt them as they could not be sure where the hair of the wig had come from.

Hair Layers

Jewish wigs have three types of hair layers which can be seen below. You can refer to them for the hair lengths on different sections of the head and the finished hair lengths. Finished hair length is from the crown to the tip of the hair.

The hair length is on different sections. Here, the hair length is 16".

  • Short layer: The hair length in every section is less than 16” and the finished length is 16”.
  • Non-layered: The hair length on the top section is 16” but the hair length on the back section is less than 16”. The finished length, however, is 16”.
  • Long layer: The hair length on every part is 16” so the finished hair length is 16” + 8” total is 24”.

Jewish Human hair wigs

From the above pictures, you can see that different hair levels have different effects and you can refer to these pictures and choose the layer type you like. Since many wholesalers do not all have the intimate knowledge of layers, they may make mistakes about the length of the hair when they place orders for their customers. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the difference between the finished lengths and the lengths of the hair.

             Jewish wigs wholesale                                                                          

This Jewish wig is custom-made for our customers. This wig is a long-layered wig and body wave. The hair is the best Mongolian hair which has not been treated with chemicals so it is very soft and durable. You can see that the top area is single silk top. There are no knots as well as no return hair so these wigs have a very natural parting line. There are elastic bands or hooks on the back which can be used to adjust the size.

Of course, we can also customize Jewish wigs according to any requirements you specify.

  • Hair Length: You can choose from between 6″ and 30″
  • Hair Color: Any hair color is available. You can also send us your color sample.
  • Hair density: Medium-light, Medium, Medium-heavy and Heavy.
  • Hair curl & wave: Natural Wave. Straight, Slight Wave, Body Wave, Deep Wave, Loose Curl, Tight Curl, kinky and yaki are also available.
  • Hair direction: Freestyle. Other types of hair direction are available.

Customized delivery is generally 6-8 weeks; rush delivery 4-6 weeks.

The majority of our products from our Jewish wig factory are European hair and Mongolian hair Jewish wigs. All our wigs have kosher labels on them. Our consistent quality with both hair and hair techniques has attracted many professional hair companies from all over the world. We guarantee all our hair is virgin European hair (Grade-AAAAA) with no Indian hair.

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