Main Factors That Highly Influence Hair System Prices

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Main Factors That Highly Influence Hair System Prices

No matter you are a hair system retailer or a hair system user, it is not hard to understand that everyone is aiming to get the best hair systems for the lowest prices. But are you really aware of the things that really determine the price of hair systems? If not, what is going to be discussed will shed light on this question for you!

Hair Type

There are different types of hair with different characteristics used in the production of hair systems. The most common types of human hair are Indian hair, Indian remy hair, European hair, and Chinese hair. Synthetic hair is the most popular artificial hair in contrast. Typically speaking, hair types of finer grade and higher scarcity usually are  pricier such as Indian remy hair and European hair. Synthetic hair usually remains the least valuable one since it can be easily and infinitely produced. Another reason comes down to the fact that synthetic hair does not appear as natural and realistic as real human hair.


Hair Length

When the hair system manufacturers source human hair material for production, it is always the case that the longer the hair, the more it costs. Since the hair is originally collected from donors’ heads and longer hair takes more time to grow out. So longer hair costing more can be perfectly justified in that regard. As to artificial hair, the production of longer hair always entails more chemical material than that of shorter ones, which as well justifies that correlation.


Hair Density

Hair density is a measurement of the hair volume of a hair wig. The higher the density, the more hair there is on the toupee. Hair density is usually classified into different levels to cater to the needs of a different group of people whose own natural hair density and age vary. With that said, when everything else stays the same, it makes perfect sense that higher hair density is equivalent to a higher price.


Supply and Demand

Just like most other products, the price of hair systems is also subject to the local supply-demand relationships. Many hair system suppliers sometimes manage to step up the prices of their top sellers for a higher profit margin without compromising much on the revenue. While items that do not sell very well are often put on sale to liquidate their inventory. On the other hand, more economically developed areas with a stronger purchase power often see the same models of hair systems selling at higher prices than those less prosperous ones.


Wholesale & Retail

It is definitely not hard to imagine that it would cost less to purchase hair systems in bulk from wholesalers than to go to a local store to buy just a few. Yes, that rule applies to the very most markets and the hair wig market is no exception. Hair systems cost quite a lot less when purchasing directly from manufacturers given there is much less operation cost for them than there is for hair wig distributors whose target audience is the end-users.



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