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Making a Hair System with Supplied Hair

Sometimes, customers will send us their own hair  to make hair systems. Nowadays, there are many orders produced with customer’s own hair. This is a popular method for making hair products.

If you would like send us hair material, kindly note our following reminders:

1. The total weight of the hair.Before you send us your own hair,  please let us know the detailed weight. We need to make sure if the hair volume which you are going to send to us is enough to make a hair system. When we receive your hair, we will also weigh them. Then we will mark down the weight amount. After production completed, we will weigh the hair leftover. We usually return the hair leftover to customers unless customers do not want it.

2. Sometimes, the hair which customers send to is with different hair length and color. The different hair length and color may be used on different parts. Then hope customers can mark clearly so that we can make the correct hair length and color on correct parts.

3. The supplied hair is the remy hair, so the tip and root of the hair is not mixed. Thanks to bundle the hair carefully and do not mix it.

Once we receive your hair material, we will arrange the production as soon as possible. If you have any questions, welcome to email us.

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