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In our last blog, we introduced all of our stock toupees for men, including the base designs and hair details of each model as well as the characteristics of each base material. Today, we are going to talk about our stock wigs and women’s hair toppers.

Our stock wigs come with different hair types, hair colors, lengths, densities, curls and waves. All are available for wholesale and ready for shipment.

They can be divided into six types:

  1. Front Lace Wigs
  2. Bob-Style Wigs
  3. 360 Lace Wigs
  4. Full Lace Wigs
  5. Glueless Wigs
  6. Medical Wigs
  7. Hair Toppers


Let’s introduce them one by one.


Front Lace Wigs: 

As its name suggests, a front lace wig is made with lace on the front and on the top and machine-made wefts on the rest of the base. The hair on the lace area is all knotted by hand so it creates a natural front hairline, parting line and crown swirl. We also add an adjustable elastic band on the back edge to fit different scalp sizes. The hair length ranges from 10 to 26 inches.



Bob-Style Wigs:

The distinctive feature of a bob-style wig is its bob style haircuts. It gives wearers an edgy and sleek look. The base of a bob style wig consists of lace on the top and machine-made wefts on the rest on the base with an elastic band on the back edge. The hair is hand-tied on the lace area and together with its delicate knots, the front hairline, parting line and crown swirl are all very natural.



360 Lace Wigs:

The base of a 360 lace wig is made of machine-made wefts on the top with lace around the perimeter. This explains why we call them 360 lace wigs. We also add combs around the edge so the wig can be firmly fixed to the head. The fully hand-tied lace around the base makes the surrounding hairline very natural. Wearers can even have their hair in a ponytail with a 360 lace wig and the appearance will still look very natural.


Since the bases of the above three models are all mixed with machine-made wefts, their cost is much less than other fully hand-tied wigs. Therefore, if your customers are prepared to pay more for their wigs you should recommend the following models to them.


Full Lace Wigs:

For full lace wigs, we have two models: LW1-S and LW1-S-combs. They both have full lace bases with elastic net on the crown area. The only difference between them is that LW1-S-combs has combs and adjustable bands on the back edge. This makes this model more suitable for clients who have thinning hair. Combs on the sides mean the wearer can secure their wig very well. The whole base is fully hand-tied with delicate knots so it is very natural. Our full lace stock wigs come in many different colors, such as black, blonde, gray, ombre and different curls including straight, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, kinky curl, afro curl. The hair ranges in length from 10 to 26 inches. Finally, there are two types of hair available for wholesale: Indian hair and Chinese Remy hair.



Glueless Wigs:

A glueless wig is a classic model in the women wigs industry. The base design is lace on the front and the top area, elastic net on the rest with an elastic band on the sides. There are also combs and metal strips on the temples so that wearers do not need to apply glue or tape to fix this wig. We use Mongolian virgin hair which is the best hair type in the market. This is why glueless wigs tend to cost a little higher than the previous models.



Medical Wigs

Medical wigs usually refer to those wigs specifically designed for cancer patients and others whose medical condition results in moderate to severe hair loss. The most important feature of medical wigs is that they do not irritate the patient's scalp. Therefore, the cap material must be soft and comfortable whilst still being secure.

We have three models of medical wigs in stock: MD01, MD03 and MD04. They all come with high-quality hair texture, a natural look and are comfortable to touch.




MD01 is the best of these three models because of its top quality and high level of realism. The key to this medical wig is the hair type: we use top-quality Brazilian hair on this wig. The hair texture is super thin and soft. It also has a good shine to it and hangs very well. All the base materials we use are very soft and comfortable. The top area is silk top which is one of the most realistic ventilation methods as it leaves no knots on the base. The material of the bottom layer of the silk base is specially designed for medical wigs so it is very soft and exquisite. Anti-slip silicone skin on the temples and front edge make the wig easier to wear and take off. No tape or glue is required so wearers find this a very convenient wig.



This base design is lace on the front and the top and elastic net on the rest of the base with elastic bands on the sides and anti-slip silicone covering. The all-over hand-tied delicate knots and texture of the Chinese Remy hair give this wig a natural appearance. We also add PU to the front edge so that wearers can apply glue or tape to the PU area to fix the wig more securely.



The base of MD04 is silk top with an elastic net on the back and sides and elastic bands on the sides. As mentioned above, silk tops create a life-like effect, whilst PU on the front edge makes the wig more convenient to apply. Thanks to two metal strips on the temples, the temple area will fit the shape of the head better because the temples of the base will not curl up.


In actual fact, it is not only people suffering from health issues who choose medical wigs. Some people are simply attracted by the high quality and convenience of these wigs. Owing to the hair quality, base materials and complicated production process, the prices of these three models, especially MD01, are much higher than other women’s stock wigs. Therefore, these wigs are more suitable for people who prioritize good quality and are less concerned about the price.


Women’s Hair Toppers

Women’s hair toppers are designed for those people who have thinning hair or alopecia areata. At New Times Hair, we have several varieties of toppers in stock to meet the needs of different customers. They are all made with high-quality Chinese or Mongolian Remy hair and come in different colors (#1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #8, #10, #99J, #613, #cherry, #white…), different hair lengths (from 10” to 18”), different base designs and different base sizes (5”×3”, 5”×6”, 6”×6.5”,6”×7”…). To help you understand the base design better, the oblong base topper is used for creating a natural parting line and the circular base is used for the crown. 



Silk Top Toppers

Silk tops are made of at least two layers of nets. Therefore, they cannot exist separately for a wig base. They are usually combined with other materials such as PU or ribbon to seal the edge. We also add clips around the sides so wearers can apply them without glue or tape. For example, the base of model ST-1 is silk top and ribbon around with four clips. ST-5×3 is a silk top and lace with a ribbon edge and thee clips.



Hair Integration Toppers

Hair integration toppers are designed for women who have their own hair but want greater density. The base of hair integration toppers is made of PE line – a kind of net with big holes. Like silk tops, PE line also needs to be mixed with lace or ribbon to seal the edge. We have two types of PE line toppers: the PES model which is full PE line with ribbon edge whilst the PES-2 model is PE line with a PU front and flower net around. To wear a hair integration topper, clients simply need to place the topper on their head, then pull their own hair through each hole and mix the hair together. Thanks to its clips the topper will stay securely on the head.



All these stock wigs and toppers are available for wholesale and can be sent out within 24 hours. We will also be adding new products to our stock range so if you don’t want to miss out, please go the bottom of our website and subscribe to us. If you cannot find suitable models from our stock products, we can also customize any hair system according to your requirements. As a professional wig manufacturer and distributor, we welcome clients from all over the world to work with us. We can guarantee that our factory makes all our products to the very highest of standards.

Newtimes Hair International Industries Co. LTD, located in Qingdao China, is a professional manufacturer specializing in hair products for over ten years. Our products range in top quality men’s hair replacement systems, lady’s wigs and hair extensions. Both high quality human hair and synthetic hair are available.


Newtimes Hair have a dedicated online customer service team, we guarantee a fast and accurate response to your enquiry.
Contact now! We will be getting back to you immediately!


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