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New Times Hair has over a decade of experience in the hair replacement industry. We are devoted to helping people suffering from chronic hair loss. At New Times Hair, we offer men’s toupees, women’s wigs, hair extensions, as well as custom and hair repair services. We welcome any inquiries about our products, techniques and industry insight.

Black Friday is here and the festive shopping period is already underway. We therefore highly recommend placing your orders well in advance, you simply cannot risk not having enough stock for the busy Christmas period. You don’t want to cause delays in your customers' orders that could have been avoided. To support your business, we have already provided a large range of products that are in stock.

In this blog, we will take about all our men’s stock hair replacement systems. We have over twenty types of stock toupees. They pretty much all come with 5-6” of Indian hair, an 8” x 10” base, freestyle hair direction, medium-light or medium density, different hair colors, and gray hair percentages. Some of them even have several size options; “6×7, 7×9, 7×10, 8×9, 8×10”. All are available at wholesale prices and are ready for immediate shipment.

The base design of the stock toupee can be divided into a skin base, lace base, and a mono base.

Let me describe all the details of these three types of hairpieces, one by one.

Skin base:

HS25-V/ INS/ HS1/ HS1-V/ HS1 REMY/ HS15+ 

All the bases of these models above are full thin skin(poly/ clear PU), the big difference between them is in their base thickness, ventilation method, and hair type.



The base thickness of HS25-V is 0.03mm ultra-thin skin, which is the thinnest skin of all of our skin base materials, we do V-looped hair all around the base, leaving the base knotless. Because of this, the HS25-V hair system is very realistic. It looks just like the hair is growing straight out of your scalp. However, since the base is ultra-thin, it doesn’t last as long as other skin base systems. The life span of this model is four weeks.

INS/ HS1/ HS1-V 

The bases of INS/HS1/HS1-V are 0.06mm/0.08mm/0.08mm super thin skin all over. We do normal injected hair all over for INS, V-looped hair all over for HS1-V, V-looped hair on the front and single split knots on the rest of the HS1. Compared with V-looped hair, injected hair gives the hair a freestyle direction, so customers can part and style their hair more freely. Single split knots are the only method used amongst the three, but the knots are very delicate and so they work to prolong the life span of the hairpiece. For More details about ventilation techniques you can click the links below:



Skin base

Lace and mono base:

Silk top:



HS1 REMY is our latest stock piece, the only difference between HS1 REMY and HS1 is the hair material. So far, HS1 REMY and HS7 REMY are the only two models using Remy Indian hair. Remy's hair does not undergo heavy acidic and softening treatment like normal Indian Hair. The hair is healthier and stronger, so it will last longer and keep its shine.



The base of HS15+ is super thin skin with a French lace front. We do single split knots on first ½” front area, with perfectly bleached knots, the front lace can give a supernatural hairline. Also, New Times Hair offers a repair service. Your clients can replace the front lace section when the lace becomes damaged, this enhances the longevity of the system.

Taken together, the thinner skin base, the natural hairpiece, and shorter life span are ideal if your customers want a skin hair system and are not too worried about its life span. We recommend HS25-V, INS, HS1-V. If clients want a system that they can wear for longer, then why not try one of our more durable systems?

Lace base: 

There are usually two common types of lace, which are French lace and Swiss lace. We use French lace on almost all of our stock pieces, it’s a very popular base material. French lace has many hexagonal holes, like a mosquito net, the texture is soft and thin. For French lace material, we usually do single split knots on front ½ area to create a natural hairline and double split knots on the rest area to ensure durability. Swiss lace is thinner, softer, more breathable and more natural-looking than French lace. We usually bleach the knots so they appear invisible on the lace. Therefore, a hair replacement system with a lace base will have a very realistic appearance.



HS7, HS7 REMY, HS7 AFRO are all on a full French lace base, we use normal Indian hair on HS7, Remy Indian hair on HS7 REMY and afro curly hair on HS7 AFRO to meet the needs of different customers.



SUNNY is our recent stock toupee with a full Swiss lace base. We offer light to medium-light(90%) density for it to be more suited to European and American markets, which is rare in the industry.


The base construction of Q6 and OCT are both French lace with PU back and sides, AUSTRALIA and D7-5 are French lace with PU around the perimeter. HOLLYWOOD is our latest stock piece which is French lace in the middle and front with clear PU around the perimeter. Combining PU on the edge improves the convenience of wearing, the surface of poly is smooth and flat so that customers can easily attach, clean and maintain the toupee. The PU on Q6, AUSTRALIA, and HOLLYWOOD is clear PU which is thin, light and undetectable, so it keeps the natural effect of the whole piece. PU coated(NPU) on OCT and D7-5 increases the durability of hair replacements. We also add two layers of French lace on the front of OCT. When using a hairpiece, the front area is the easiest place to lose hair and be torn, this design can prolong the lifetime of front lace.


Therefore, if your customers love lace base hair replacement systems and pursue a natural effect, you can choose HS7, HS7M, HS7 REMY, HS7 AFRO, Q6, Q6M, Q6 AFRO according to their specific needs. If they more pursue a long lifespan, then HOLLYWOOD, and AUSTRALIA, OCT, D7-5 are more suitable for them.

Mono base: 

Monofilament is a traditional material in this industry, the biggest advantage of the mono base is its durability. At New Times Hair, we offer two types of mono materials: mono and mono lace. Mono includes fine mono and superfine mono, mono lace includes welded mono(0.15cm), fine welded mono(0.12cm) and super fine welded mono(0.11cm). The appearance of mono is similar to lace, but the holes on mono lace are squared not hexagonal and the texture is harder and more durable than French lace.

HS27+/ HS27/ D7-3/ P1-3-5/ FM1 



Fine mono is more commonly used out of the mono materials. We use fine mono on our HS27+, HS27, D7-3, P1-3-5, and FM1 models. You might wonder why all fine mono base hair replacement systems have a PU edge, it is because the edge of fine mono is prone to be breakage, so it needs to be combined with PU to seal the edge. The life span of HS27+ and P1-3-5 are 3 to 6 months, HS27, D7-3, FM1 are 6 months.


The base of the model ICON is a super fine welded mono all over. Different from fine mono, the edge of the welded mono is very durable, so it can be used for the whole base. To keep a natural effect, we do single hair single knots all over the base, and bleach knots for the front area, so the ICON hair system can usually last for around 3 months.



The above is a detailed introduction of our current stock men’s toupees. We also continue to add new products to our stock range. However, if you couldn’t find suitable styles from our stock hair systems, we can also customize hairpieces for your clients. At New Times Hair, any details such as base design, base size, hair type, hair color, curls, and waves can be customized, all requirements will be taken seriously and we will do our best to meet your customers’ needs.

Newtimes Hair International Industries Co. LTD, located in Qingdao China, is a professional manufacturer specializing in hair products for over ten years. Our products range in top quality men’s hair replacement systems, lady’s wigs and hair extensions. Both high quality human hair and synthetic hair are available.


Newtimes Hair have a dedicated online customer service team, we guarantee a fast and accurate response to your enquiry.
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