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Category: New to Hair Replacement Business


Hair System Tape vs. Glue

Once you ordered a glue-on hair system or wig from an online supplier, you will need to consider what kind of adhesive you should choose for the hair system installation on your client’s head. In the men’s hair system world, tape and glue adhesive are the most common tools for hair system and wig attachment.

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12 Best Tape and Glue for Men’s Toupee and Hairpieces

In the men’s hair system world, tape and glue adhesives are undoubtedly the most prevalent attachment tools used for men’s hair pieces installation. This consequently opens the door to the rampant release of hair system tape and glue products manufactured by different brands, which in turn makes it more difficult for hair system sellers and

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Lace vs. Poly Hair System: Here are the Major Difference

Lace and poly skin are the two most common base types used on hair systems. If you are new to hair systems, choosing between lace vs. poly hair systems can be quite confusing and challenging. These two types of bases differ in price, how natural they are, the way they feel, and how long they

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Where Does Human Hair Come From For Wigs?

If you’re shopping for a new wig, you may have decided to invest in a human hair wig. These wigs give you more styling options, a longer life span, and a natural look that blends seamlessly with your own hair. It’s a win-win for your One question you might have been wondering is, “where does

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Different Types of Wigs | A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Finding your ideal wig type isn’t easy. With dozens of different types of wigs to choose from, the haircare world is your oyster. If you’ve stumbled onto this article, the chances are that you want a little help in finding the right type of wig for you. You’ll want to consider each of the features

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