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Wigs vs. Weaves vs. Hair Extensions: Which is the Best Option?

Wigs, weaves, and hair extensions are the words that most young ladies nowadays have at least heard of in the modern world of fashion. Such things are worn on the head to achieve some sort of makeover of women’s appearances. In spite of that, those who have not actually used any of these products do

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What is the Difference Between Synthetic Hair and Human Hair?

Choosing the hair type for wigs is one of the most important decisions you make. You’ll have to decide between human vs. synthetic hair. Each hair type comes with its benefits and is ideal for wigs to conceal hair loss. Hairstylists typically choose to stock both options for their clients to give them a variety

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Best Hair Extensions for Fine Thin Hair—Hairstylists Must Know

As a very trendy and modern hair transformation solution, hair extensions are popular among females who desire a long, fluffy, beautiful full head of hair. They can help increase existing hair length, add volume, cover up a bad haircut, and incorporate new hair colors into your client’s hair. Choosing between different types of hair extensions

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Hair System Tape vs. Glue

Once you ordered a glue-on hair system or wig from an online supplier, you will need to consider what kind of adhesive you should choose for the hair system installation on your client’s head. In the men’s hair system world, tape and glue adhesive are the most common tools for hair system and wig attachment.

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12 Best Tape and Glue for Men’s Toupee and Hairpieces

In the men’s hair system world, tape and glue adhesives are undoubtedly the most prevalent attachment tools used for men’s hair piece installation. This consequently opens the door to the rampant release of hair system tape and glue products manufactured by different brands, which in turn makes it more difficult for hair system sellers and

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Best Medical Wigs for Cancer Patients

Unlike regular wigs with massive popularity, medical wigs, in comparison, are not something that many people are very familiar with as a medical wig is a kind of hair system product that is specifically designed for people suffering from severe hair loss caused by medical conditions of different kinds such as cancer. It is usually

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