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How to Thin out a Hair System for Your Clients

Hair can be made into a variety of beautiful shapes, and the effect of a shape can be influenced by different factors such as hair length, color, curl, and density. Hair density is an important factor. Hair replacement systems come in different densities and some customers prefer toupees with less hair because they think they look more natural.

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How to Design the Front Contour Shape for Custom-Made Hair System

To customize the most suitable hair systems for your customers, it is very important for you to have thorough communication with them concerning their detailed needs for the custom hair systems. So you will have a clear idea of the right way of customization that will make for the right hair systems. The very first

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How to Detangle a Matted Human Hair Wig the Right Way

As some of us have more or less noticed, the hair of our hair system, especially curly human hair wigs can get tangled over time without proper care. Not only does this lead to an unnatural messy look that can give the secret away, but it can also gradually jeopardize the hair system itself by

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Human Gray Hair VS. Synthetic Gray Hair – How We Should Select

When buying hair systems, the first thing that most people always judge by must be whether it appears natural-looking enough to be fully undetectable, especially on public occasions. As many of us know, the most significant determinants of the naturalness level of men’s hair systems are undoubtedly the base design and hair type. However, aside

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My New Hair System is not Sticking, This Will Help! (Video Included)

Hair system products have long become a very favorable hair loss solution for being very natural-looking, comfy, and user-friendly. That is why they have been rapidly gaining popularity among guys from all over the world over the last decade. However, the hair system installation can get a bit challenging for those who have just started

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7 Most Undetectable Hair Systems for Men

A Hair system, also known as a hairpiece, wig, or toupee, is a modern hair loss solution that works by offering complete or partial coverage of the hair loss area on your head to achieve a complete hair look. In the search for hair system products, how natural-looking and realistic the hair system appears on

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How to Live Your Everyday Life With a Hair System

Living with a hair replacement system doesn’t have to mean the end of your normal routine. Men with hair systems are able to work, exercise, and enjoy activities without having to worry about whether or not their hair replacement system will fall off. In the following guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about

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