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Three Kinds of Silicone Injection Base In Newtimeshair

Nowadays, many customers inquire about silicone injection systems from us. This base design is the most durable one among all the designs. It can last at least one year and even longer if it can be treated well.  The effect is also very natural. There isn’t any knots been seen from the top of the base. The hair is injected into the base as if the hair is growing from it. Also, the silicone injection base is anti-slip itself and it is very soft.

For silicone injection base, we have three kinds of base for it. Please check it below:

1. The first one is the most popular one. Most customers prefer this base. There are one layer of thin skin under the silicone. The thickness of silicone base is 0.25mm. It is the thinnest one among the three silicone bases.  The underhair is added in order to making the edge invisible.

2. The second one is 0.5mm thickness. It is thicker than the first kind. There is another layer of clear PU under the silicone. The underhair is also added in this kind.

3. The third one is also 0.5mm thickness. It is almost the same as the second kind. The only difference is that the layer of PU is unclear in this kind. This kind is also breathable.  The underhair is also added.

Among the three kinds, the first one is the most popular kind and it is our recommend.  The thickness of the silicone base is the thinnest one. Also, the base can be made with small holes. It helps the base be more breathable.

If there is any requirement, please feel free to let me know.

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