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The Factors Which Cause Hair Loss On Fine Mono Toupee

The factors which cause hair loss on fine mono toupee

We've heard about some hair loss issues with fine mono base recently. So today, we'd like to explain it to you. 

There are 2 main factors which cause hair loss. One is that the knots is loosen and therefore loose durability. The other one is that the hair root is damaged.

With fine mono, we use double knots. Double knots are the strongest and they are very tight and do not easily loosen.  For this reason, loose knots are not usually are reason for hair loss on fine mono bases.

The other reason is that hair root was damaged. This usually caused by a client's lack of good  maintenance.  If the hair system is not cleaned well and there is dirt or residue left on the mono base, from glue, gel, shampoo etc. the hair erodes which causes hair loss.

It is of vital importance that you mainitain and clean your hair replacement system properly in order to ensure the longest lifespan.  We also suggest to of use spray-on conditioner instead of normal conditioner, because the oils used in conditioners are more difficult to rinse out of the knots.

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