Our Quality Assurance to You: The Inspection Process at New Times Hair

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Our Quality Assurance to You: The Inspection Process at New Times Hair

It seems an appropriate way to end our series of blogs on our factory tutorial videos by telling you about the last stage of our quality control at our toupee factory. As a wig manufacturer, we take quality control very seriously and have very high-quality standards. Whilst there is quality control during each stage of production of our hair replacement systems – after all the hair has been ventilated, for example –they must undergo one final stage of QC before any of our hair systems are deemed fit for packaging.



Sunny, who has been in the hair system industry for over 30 years, is the quality assurance specialist at New Times Hair. She knows everything there is to know about the making of hair systems and as such, she has the final say. It is simple: if a hair replacement system does not meet her quality standards then it will not be shipped out.



To carry out her work, Sunny needs a few tools at her disposal. They are as follows: tape, color rings, curl standard templates, density standard templates, front contour templates, and order forms.



Sunny will first check each aspect of the hair system against the details on the order form. This is so she can check the hair system has the correct hair color or hair type, for example. Once she has confirmed each detail she can tick it off on her form. Sunny then needs to check that each stage of production has met New Times Hair’s high standards and she will use our production manual as her reference point. She will examine the knots of the hair system and check that they have been made according to the guidelines in the manual, for example, or that the gaps between the stitching lines on a lace base are the same as those stated in the manual. You, of course, should also be in the habit of checking the different aspects of your hair system but you can rest assured that Sunny will have first checked the hair system herself.



Such a thorough inspection is what allows us to guarantee that you will be receiving high-quality human hairpieces. If you would like further information on our quality control then please feel free to email info@newtimeshair.com.


Newtimes Hair International Industries Co. LTD, located in Qingdao China, is a professional manufacturer specializing in hair products for over ten years. Our products range in top quality men’s hair replacement systems, lady’s wigs and hair extensions. Both high quality human hair and synthetic hair are available.


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