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2021 Top Selling Men’s Hair Systems at New Times Hair

Over the past few months, there have been more and more hair wig vendors from all over the world who choose to partner with New Times Hair as their long-term wig supplier. With our wide variety of top class hair systems available, they rarely had any problems figuring out the right kinds for their customers.

Out of our range of hair pieces for men, there is a particularly popular one named HS25-V that managed to stand out from the crowd. So how does this men’s hair piece distinguish itself as the leading hair piece for men at New Times Hair?

♦ Natural Appearance 

Have you ever noticed what your customers most care about when choosing their hair systems given their is a number of things about the hair systems for them to weigh up? Talking from the experience of interacting with our partners, how natural-looking a hair system appears is the thing to which the hair system users give most importance.

And that is exactly where our HS25-V works wonders! With the base made of the thinnest 0.03mm skin material, the wearer’s scalp will look barely different when covered by such thin skin.


                        Men’s Hair Systems: HS25-V | New Times Hair

What further makes it exceptional in naturalness actually turns out to be its V-looped ventilation method throughout the hair system base as it is one of the rare hair ventilation methods that come with no knots down the hair roots. So it is not surprising for people to be amazed at the illusion of hair growing out of the scalp when wearing this men’s hair piece!

♦ Comfort Level

Aside from its unparalleled realism level, there remains other things your customers would find highly desirable. The fact that the skin is only 0.03mm thin actually accounts for its remarkably comfort level.

We’ve always got users of our partners saying they feel as if there was nothing on the head with this men’s hair system on! Yes, that is not hard to believe at all with the presence of a such a thin and light base featured by a silky touch!

♦ Various Colors

The HS25-V men’s hair piece is available in a large variety of hair colors and gray hair options to extensively meet the needs of hair system wearers differing in age and hair color. So you would not need to worry about having trouble selecting the right fit for your customers!


As one of the leading men’s hair piece wholesalers in the world, New Times Hair is privileged to have built strong and lasting connections with a large number of human hair wig distributors and salons in more than 100 countries mostly from Europe and North America.

In the effort of helping our partners thrive in the men’s hair system industry, our hairpiece factory is always dedicated to producing top class human hair replacement products of various kinds. At New Times Hair, you will get very generous offers for such awesome men’s hair replacement that has been spoken highly of by all our partners!

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