What are the Features of the Wholesale Hair Pieces Market in the USA?
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What are the Features of the Wholesale Hair pieces Market in the USA?


It is essential to be aware of the country’s hair system trends before embarking on a wholesale hair pieces business in the USA. This blog will explore the nature of wholesale hairpieces in the USA and by the end of it, you will be well informed on how to wholesale real hair pieces.



When it comes to the big hair replacement wholesalers in the USA, it would be natural to think of New Image. For over 30 years New Image has been one of the main suppliers to wholesale hairpieces in the USA and abroad. New Image hair replacement wholesalers can offer several services that manufacturers simply cannot. For example, wholesale hairpieces in the USA can offer professional training on how to use hairpieces, how to take care of or maintain human hair wigs, and they can give more detailed suggestions to dealers, etc. In addition, wholesalers can also offer prompt after-sales service in a way that overseas manufacturers cannot. Some people may think to themselves, “if I own a hairpiece store in the US, wouldn’t it be better if I used wholesale hairpieces near me as that would be more convenient?” This, of course, is a valid point, however, there are also many disadvantages to wholesale hairpieces in the USA. One of the biggest disadvantages is that the hair replacement cost is too expensive. The price of purchasing from US wholesalers is much higher than purchasing hairpieces from hair product manufacturers in other countries. If you would prefer to purchase from hair manufacturers that will save you money then your best choice would be China-based companies.

China has become the biggest manufacturing hub for hairpieces in the world. The majority of hairpiece manufacturers are found in two places in China: Henan province and the city of Qingdao in Shandong province.  Manufacturers in Henan province mainly produce women’s wigs, wefts, human hair extensions, etc using machines so their prices are cheaper and the production time is much shorter. Hair manufacturers located in Qingdao, however, tend to focus on men’s hairpieces, toupees, hair replacements, and full cap wigs for both men and women. All these types of products are 100% hand-made so the quality is high and the production time is longer than machine-made work. The front hairline can be made to look very natural with graduated densities and bleached knots. 



Let’s return to wholesale hairpieces in the USA. It may be a generalization but there are certain distinguishing features about wholesale hairpieces in the USA when you compare the Midwest with the East and West coasts of the country. 

People from the coastal areas of the US tend to be more open to the latest trends and they are particularly interested in the more elaborate base designs that are very natural and realistic. On the other hand, people in the Midwest prefer more traditional base designs which tend to be more durable.

Durable base designs include our stock models: the HS27 and the P1-3-5.



The HS27 has a fine mono base in the center, PU coating around the back and sides and PU gauze at the front. Fine mono is very durable and it can support extra-heavy hair density if you order a custom made order. The net holes of fine mono are very small so it cannot have bleached knots.  We do double split knots on fine mono which makes it very durable so the knots do not easily come loose. An important thing to note with fine mono is that wearers should pay particular attention to washing and cleaning it. Since the net holes of fine mono are very small, if the glue is not completely removed, the remaining glue may gradually corrode the mono and reduce its lifespan. On top of that, when we wash fine mono hairpieces, we have to wash off the shampoo or conditioner very thoroughly to avoid any shampoo or conditioner remaining on the hair roots. PU coating is a kind of thick and durable skin and we do single split knots on our PU coats. It is a layer of net covered by silk PU. You can easily use tape or glue on a PU coat and in comparison to lace or mono, PU coats are simple to clean. PU gauze at the front is also much more durable than clear PU or lace but it is still much thinner than PU coats. PU gauze is made by combining a layer of silk with PU. We also do single split knots on PU gauze. This is why the HS27 base design is particularly durable and can last for a long time. We only stock the HS27 in a base size of 8”x10” at present but there are many hair colors available for immediate shipment to choose from. So, if your customers need a durable base design urgently, the HS27 is a good choice. You will notice that there are 3 PU lines around the back and sides and from the crown area to the back. If 10” is too long from the front to the back then this design enables you to cut the base size along the PU lines at the back to your measurements.



Similarly, the P1-3-5 is also a good choice if durability is important to your customer. The P1-3-5 also has a fine mono base in the center and a 1" PU coat all around the perimeter. The difference is that the P1-3-5 has 1" super fine welded mono at the front. Fine welded mono is thinner and more natural than PU gauze. It is also stronger and much more durable than French lace or Swiss lace. Fine welded mono can, therefore, last longer than lace. Thanks to its holes and thickness, it is also more breathable and natural than the PU gauze of the HS27. We do double split knots on fine mono bases, single split knots on the durable PU coat around the perimeter and single split knots on the front super fine welded mono. We stock the P1-3-5 in the following base sizes: 6 x 8”, 6 x 9”, 7 x 9”, 7 x 10” and 8 x 10”. All can be shipped out immediately. At this moment in time though, the hair system is only available in color #1B.  If you need other hair colors then we can do a custom order for you.

However, people tend to prefer ultra-thin and ultra-natural base designs in the coastal areas of the US. For them, a natural look is much more important than durability.



In terms of natural-looking base designs, we have the HS25-V in stock and available for immediate shipment. The HS25-V has a 0.03mm ultra-thin skin base. The skin is very soft and stretchable whilst also being undetectable. Many customers on the East and West coast of the US like this stock model. That being said, the HS25-V does have its disadvantages. Since it is ultra-thin, it is very fine and delicate and as such, the HS25-V 0.03mm will last for less time than thicker skin hairpieces. Normally its lifespan is only around one month. If the customer takes good of it or does not use it so often then it will last a little longer. So if your target customer is from the coastal areas of the USA and they care about a natural appearance more than durability, you could suggest the HS25-V 0.03mm ultra-thin skin. 



Another very natural base design is super fine Swiss lace base. Super fine Swiss lace is very soft and thin. It is even softer than French lace but also very delicate. The typical lifespan is only one or two months. The highest density for Swiss lace is medium-light. Bleached knots are also a possibility. After the knots have been bleached, the knots will be less visible which makes the overall effect more natural. However, bleaching the knots makes the hair replacement systems less durable and its lifespan will be shortened.

Now you have an overview of the different features of the hair system market in the Midwest and on the East and West coast of the US, you will be able to better wholesale hairpieces in the USA. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: flora@newtimeshair.com .


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