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There are two main reasons for hair loss in hair replacement systems: loose knots and hair breakage.


Let’s begin by discussing loose knots. If you pull on the hair and the hair – along with the knots – come off then this means the knots are loose and too loose to keep the hair attached to the base. That said as long as the knotting process is done correctly, there should be no issue with loose knots and hair loss.

Then there is hair breakage. Sometimes, you may find little white spots on the hair. When you pull the hair, the hair will break from these white spots. The knots, however, will remain on the base. However, since the main part of the hair has broken off, the knots will not be so secure on the base and they will soon loosen and come undone.

One reason for hair breakage is overprocessing. Sometimes during the course of acid treatment, bleaching, coloring or curling, the hair may be overprocessed by mistake. If this happens all of the hair on the base will be affected and there will be hair breakage across the whole base.

Hair breakage can also happen from not cleaning the hairpiece thoroughly or not cleaning it often enough or using corrosive chemicals on the base. In these kinds of situations, hair breakage will not happen across the whole base but rather in just one or two isolated areas.

It is also worth remembering that like our own natural hair, hair loss is just something that happens. So, there is no need to worry! Most hair loss issues are easily solved but we first need to find the reason for the hair loss and then we can find the best way to solve the issue for the client.

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