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With the increase of pressure in people’s day to day lives and work and the influence of genetic factors, has made hair loss more apparent in modern society. Hair loss not only affects the external image of the individual, but also causes a heavy psychological burden on the hair loss patients. How to treat hair loss? Currently, there are three methods for male pattern hair loss treatment: drugs, hair transplants,  and hair units or wigs.

 Method 1: Drug (Only Suitable For Early Hair Loss) 

At present, there are several recognized drugs for the treatment of hair loss in the world. The top three are:

TOP.1 Minoxidil Minoxidil

TOP.2 finasteride

TOP.3 Flutamide


It has to be aware that:

Drug treatment is aimed at early hair loss. First, the people who are suffering from hair loss need a hair loss detection. The dosage and cycle of drug use are determined according to the condition of the hair follicle. The situation of each person is different. Some people may need a combination of drugs, but for some other people, only one drug is enough. Some women may not suitable to use drugs because there are side effects. Some drugs may be effective for other men, however, do not necessarily work on you, so do not casually draw conclusions. One thousand people have a thousand drug treatment program.

Taken together, there are no two identical leaves in the world, as is the case with hair loss. The specific method of use, dosage and steps should be determined according to the condition of hair loss.


Method 2: Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is carried out through surgical methods. Surgeons transplant the hair follicles of the posterior occipital region of the human body to the hair loss zone, and the transplanted hair follicle can grow like the normal hair and then arrive on the basis of a certain survival rate.

Does The Hair Transplant Work?

First, let's take a look at the strengths of hair transplant:

The hair transplant is a real hair follicle, the real hair, together with the autograft. The transplanted hair follicle can grow on its own. For some individuals whose hair follicles are completely necrotic in the hair loss area, it is indeed a good treatment for hair loss. After a hair follicle transplant, it is generally possible to maintain a relatively long time.

The Defects Of Hair Transplant:

The First Priority Is The Problem Of The Survival Rate

Because of the skill, the survival rate of the hair transplant is not 100%. There are always some harmful hair follicles, and the hair follicle is a kind of non-renewable resource of the human body. Once the necrosis is permanent, it cannot be reborn.

The Second Is Of Limited Resources

We all know that hair transplant is to transplant the hair follicles in the posterior occipital region to the hair loss site. The hair follicle resources in the occipital region are not limited, but they are not infinite. If the area is constantly expanding, it will often require a second transplant or even a three-transplantation, which will eventually cause the hair follicle resources in the posterior occipital region to dry up.

The Third Is An Expensive Cost

Hair transplants often require high costs. Many physic organizations often take the example of Wayne Rooney, the British football star. In fact, Rooney has planted twice before and after, and spent a total of about 60,000 pounds, equivalent to RMB 670,000. Not everyone can afford it.

The Fourth Is That The Role Of Hair Transplant Is Worrying.

Many people grow hair from the beginning after hair transplanting, and the hair will not grow like the original hair. Especially after the hair transplant, after the hair loss period, the newly grown hair is not curved, and the direction of growth is even messier. The feeling is that there is a glimpse of it here, unless we can keep long hair, if you keep short hair, the feeling is very unattractive.

In the end, the hair transplant will leave a permanent scar.


There are two main skills in hair transplant now, one is FUT and the other is FUE.

FUT is the most used skill. This skill requires a large scalp to be opened during the operation. The wound is also relatively large. The area of ​​the hair will leave a significant scar, sometimes it will damage the occiput nerve.

A customer who once had a hair transplant reported that since the hair transplant, every morning, when they wake up, they will feel that the back of his head is paralyzed. It often takes ten minutes to recover.

FUE is a new type of hair transplanting skill in recent years. This skill is to extract hair follicles point by point. The trauma is generally small. This skill is also the non-marking hair transplant that many physiology organizations have promoted. Although it is said to be hairless, it will leave a lot of honeycomb scars in the hair removal area. This kind of scar is not easy to see if we keep long hair, but once we shave the head or leave short hair, it is also very significant.


Method 3: Wear Hairpiece Or Wig

Since there are so many problems in hair transplants, is there a way to deal with hair loss safely and quickly? Of course, there is. It is to wear a hair unit or human hair toupee.


Wearing a hair replacement systems has many advantages:

1. The very natural-looking, undetectable, decorative effect is very good;

2. The wig is easy to comb and can change the hairstyle in a short time without the help of others;

3. You can try a variety of different hairstyles to match different fashions.

4. The price is much cheaper than hair transplants, and ordinary consumers can also afford it.

5. Wearing a wig can play the role of appearance modification, changing the hairstyle is simple, convenient and saves time.

6. It can avoid the damage caused by a perm, hair dye and hair pull.

7. You can save your hair and hair dye at the hair salon and reduce expenses.

8. Wigs can be changed at will, avoid frequent haircuts to do hairstyle damage to hair.

Therefore, wearing a hairpiece or wig is becoming more and more popular nowadays.



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