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“Hair Loss” is becoming more and more common due to the pressure of life and work, diet, aging, medical issues and the influence of genetic factors. We often encounter bald men or women. Hair loss, baldness, is becoming more common and is occurring in both men and women and at younger ages. Hair loss has a significant impact on a person’s self-image, value and temperament. Accordingly, wearing hair pieces or wigs is now becoming a fashion trend, which has also driven the development of the wholesale men’s hair systems market. New Times Hair, a world leader in the manufacturing of men’s and women’s hair pieces, supplies men’s hair pieces and women’s wigs wholesale. New Times Hair partners with local wholesalers and distributors to satisfy the needs of those suffering hair loss, thus changing their lives while building successful business opportunities for our partners.


After more than ten years of development, we have accumulated experience in dealing with customers. Today, we are glad to share with you the knowledge of wholesale men’s hair systems.

There are differences between men and women in choosing hair pieces. Women's wigs generally change hair styles. Women treat wigs like clothes. They tend to be more fashionable and novel. Less attention is paid to the wig's simulation, comfort and durability. Conversely, men’s hair system requirements more meticulous and realistic. Men require more natural and realistic appearing hairpiece while demanding it to be comfortable. The variety of work and activities men engage in means the hairpiece must be durable and secure. In addition, the design of male and female hair pieces are completely different. Because men's hair systems are short, much more attention must be placed on the shape of head, type of base, shape of the base, type of knots, the type of activities the person is involved in, and even the climate where the client lives, in order to achieve a very realistic and natural effect.


New Times Hair recommends that the men's wigs be customized according to the head shape, which will be more suitable. Styles of the women’s wigs, on the other hand, are designed according to the needs of the hair style, and the image the hair style is trying to reflect. Requests to customize specifications of male and female wigs are roughly divided into two types, one is a partial wig and the other is a full cap wig. For the purposes here, the focus will be on men’s hair systems.

There are two main types base construction for wholesale men’s hair pieces. The first is a reliable and durable base. This type base normally uses mono base or mono base combined with poly coating and skin gauze to seek reliable and more durable effect.

HS27, the most popular model, is this type. The base design is fine mono with a strong PU coating base on the sides and skin gauze on the front. It has proved to be one of the most durable base designs. This model is manufactured using single split knots on the super fine welded lace and also bleach the knots here to make them appear invisible. The front lace also blends in with your skin to give a realistic appearance.  Durable double knots are used in the main area. Although they are very strong double knots, New times Hair can still make them appear very fine and delicate.


The other base construction is natural appearance. This is the most popular type of base currently used in the mainstream market. Examples include: lace base, thin skin base, lace base with skin sides or back, lace base with skin perimeter or thin skin base with lace front.

Lace Base Systems are entirely made of French lace or Swiss lace base, or part lace base combined with skin sides and back or skin perimeter. This kind of base is the lightest and most breathable. It is also the most natural looking, very comfortable and the ideal choice for those living in hot weather climates.

There are several hot selling lace base models as below:

Model HS7

Model HS7 is French lace all over. French lace is light, breathable and natural looking, hand-sewn stitching for better shape contour and extra durability. It also provides comfort for the wearer, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin. All the knots on this model are very fine and small and they are all perfectly bleached to create an invisible knot effect for the whole piece. Single knots (one knot per hair) are applied on the first 1/2'' of this hairpiece which makes for a very realistic front hairline. In addition to devoting attention to the design and production of wholesale men’s hair systems; New Times Hair offers custom-made services. Customized hair pieces can be produced for any size, style of hair, length, color or density.  



Skin Base Systems:

If a client desires a hair system that is natural in appearance, comfortable and breathable, ease in cleaning, attaching and removing tape, then the thin skin base is a perfect option. It is soft, light, undetectable, looks almost like your own scalp when you wear it. It is very popular with people who live in cold weather and is a hot seller in winter season.

The following are the best-selling models for skin base hair system:

HS25 with base construction Ultra thin skin 0.03mm with a V-loop all over instead of a knot. It is so light that people don’t feel it when it is worn on the head. V-looped hair has not any knot and results in a natural and lift look that creates a very realistic appearance for the wearing.

For the front hairline, an irregular knotting method is used. The hair is knotted on the base randomly, not in a straight line, creating a natural hairline.



INS This model is transparent super thin skin 0.08mm with injected hair all over.

The base is 0.08mm clear thin skin. This amount of thickness is still very light and natural. Like all other skin bases, it makes for easy cleaning and attachment with glue or tape.

We use realistic-looking normal or flat injected hair all over this stock toupee. There are no knots on the base at all so the hair will look just like it is growing out of the scalp. It also helps create a natural parting, top and front for the client. It is very difficult, even when close up, to detect, that a hairpiece is being worn.



For some men, a hair piece or toupee may not meet their needs, especially for customers with severe baldness. They will choose full cap wig. Full cap wigs are a great choice as a hair system because it does not need to match the customer's own hair. Customers have much more freedom in choosing hair color and curvature resulting in a realistic, natural design for both men and women. Rather than using elastic mesh or elastic band that can be worn for many different head shapes, these use easy to attach tapes.

New Times Hair can easily customize the hair system or wig according to the customer's face, temperament, occupation, age and head shape one-to-one, fully in line with the customer's Head shaped.


At New Times Hair, the following full cap wigs are very popular with our customers.

LJC531 All Hand Made Men’s Hair Replacement Systems

This hair replacement system is one of our recent custom-made orders. The base design is French lace with clear poly around and a 1/4 inch French lace front. French lace makes for a thin, light, soft and breathable base. The clear poly running around the perimeter of the cap both strengthens the edge and makes the taping or gluing process easier. Finally, a 1/4 inch French lace stay front creates a natural-looking front hairline

LJC1963 Full skin cap wig blond wave hair

The base design of this wig is super thin skin 0.08mm all over. It is very thin, light and natural. If clients prefer a more durable wig then consider having knotted hair all over. Knotted hair will hold the hair better and make the wig last longer. As for hair wave and hair color, this wig has blond hair with a smaller curl and wave. The highest quality hair must be used to get this particular color and the smaller curls. If not, the hair will be burned during the coloring and curling process.

New Times Hair actively seeks feedback from its business partners and their clients. To achieve the high level of expertise and success this manufacturer has achieved can be attributed to focus on the customer's point of view. Fully understanding the customer’s individual needs and specifications is the key to success New Times Hair.


With over 10 years of work experience and a major in International Business and English, Tina brings a wealth of expertise in traditional business methods to the company. She is responsible for business development and finding larger clients including wholesalers, retails and salons. She also deals with customer inquiries and works closely with the sales team.


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