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    Typical Descriptions:  Clip-in hair extension
     Hair Length  8"-30"
    Curl & Wave   Straight, body wave, deep wave, kinky straight, kinky curl, jerry curl…
     Hair Type  Indian hair, Chinese Remy hair, European hair, Mongolian hair, Brazilian hair 
     Hair Color

     According to the color ring or your color sample

    Hair Direction:  Freestyle



    Clip-in extensions are the most temporary and easy to change ways of getting longer, fuller hair. We offer them with different hair types, hair lengths, hair colors, and waves. All are made with 100% human hair.

    canva-photo-editor (51) It comes with 3 pieces in total.

    And it comes with 3 clips per piece for attachment.
    canva-photo-editor (53)

    canva-photo-editor (52) We use top-quality human hair for this clip in hair extension. It's smooth and hangs well.

    As one of hair piece manufacturers, New Times Hair has a large warehouse of stock pieces, and can manufacture any product according to customers' requirements.  canva-photo-editor (50)


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