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Hair density is a very necessary detail for the custom-made hair system. Many customers like to describe the hair density by percentage. But in fact, different customers have their own standard on hair density percentage. Different hair system manufacturers also have their paticular density percentage description. For example, some customers would like a 100% density, but some manufacturer’s “100% density” may be more or less than Customer’s “100% density” . Then there may be some misunderstanding between customers and manufacturers. Even there may be some disputes about the hair density between customers and manufactuers.

For example, the below is our density word description matching percentage description:

Extra light: 60%

Light: 80%

Medium light:100%


Medium Heavy:140%


Extra Heavy:180%

The above is our definition for pe
To avoid this trouble, our Newtimeshair usually use “extra light, light, medium light,medium,medium heavy,heavy and extra heavy” to describe the hair density instead of the percentage.  Please see our density chart as below:

Hair density

This density chart is convenient for customers to choose their target density.

Cathy is a sales manager with over 9 years of experience. She joined New Times Hair after graduating with a degree in Business and English. She is a recognized member of the company and she shows great passion and hard work that is reflected in her success. Cathy has been the company’s highest seller for 3 consecutive years since 2016. She has a wide range of knowledge about all our products making her experienced when dealing with customers. Cathy works closely with the sales team and the central management team on business development.



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