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In terms of grey hair (also known as white hair), we have two types. One is human grey hair, and the other is synthetic grey hair. The biggest difference is that human grey hair is also dyed when you color the hair. Synthetic grey hair cannot be dyed when you color the hair. Human grey hair also tends to develop a yellow hue after extended use.

Regarding the percentage of grey hair, you will find two different choices. One is add percentage, the other is total percentage. For example, your hair sample has 10% grey hair. If you think this grey hair is not enough, you can choose to add 10% grey hair. So we will know you need 20% grey hair in total. Or you can just write total 25% grey hair. So we will make total 25% grey hair, regardless of the grey hair percentage in the hair sample. Please pay much attention to this part. If you are not sure, you can ask us to confirm.

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