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Skin base hair replacement replacements are very popular and the most important reason for this is that they are very natural looking and easy to attach.


With skin base hair replacements there are 3 different knots types: normal split knotted hair, V-looped hair, and Injected hair.  Here we'll introduce the advantages and disadvantages of them, so you can choose the best option for you.

Single split knots are the most commonly used knots on skin bases. The hair is ventilated into the skin base and tied with a small, fine knot onto the base.  The life span of this hairpiece is the longest out of the three types of knots used on skin bases.  The hair has lift and is easily styled in any direction.

V-looped hair is ventilated onto the base and pulled through from the underside.  The hair then looks just like  a “V” on skin base and does not have any knots.  The hair is fixed with a poly coating on the underside of the skin base after ventilation.  The hair is very natural and looks like its growing out of your head.  The hair has lift and idvery easy to  style and comb in any direction but  the lifespan is shorter than knotted systems.  Te highest hair density is medium because anything higher may result in hair shedding. If you like hair with lift, a maximum of a medium density and are not too concerned about durability, then V-looped hair is a great choice for you.

Skin base with Injected hair has not return hair because the hair root is ironed into the bottom of the skin base to fix the hair.  The hair is natural, and looks like single hairs growing from the skin base because it has no knots. 

Injected hair is flat because the hair root is ironed into the skin base on an angle and the hair cannot be combed backwards.  The hair direction does not change easily so if you cut you hair very short and just comb hair forwards then injected hair is your best choice.  If you like the hair to have lift, you should chose V-looped hair or knotted hair.
The life span of injected hair is longer than V-looped hair, but a little bit shorter than knotted hair and the highest density is Medium.

Hope the information is helpful and if you have any questions, just email:  [email protected]

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