FLW Full Lace Hand-Tied Human Hair Wigs Wholesale

Want your scalp to survive the summer heat and fully enjoy the cool of the day? Our full lace hand-tied human hair wig is the trick. With 100% Remy human hair and a lightweight, super-breathable full lace base, the wig will melt and blend perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair and scalp, looking natural and realistic. Four technically placed clips allow the wearer to attach and remove the wig before zzz, giving the scalp a good rest. Two adjustable bands allow the wig to fit various heads.

Outstanding Features:

Base Design: Realistic-looking, super breathable full lace base

Attaching Technique: Easily attached and removed daily with four pressure-sensitive clips, two smartly placed adjustable bands for the wig to suit different head sizes

Hair Quality: 100% unprocessed Remy human hair for various styling purposes

Availability: Lengths range from 12”-28”; 2 hair densities; over 15 colors from black to spotlights; ideally for salon owners, hairstylists, cosmetology schools, etc., ready to ship

Get a sample: we have special preferential prices for the first test sheet of wholesale customers. APPLY NOW