Lace hair piece is a popular wholesale toupee option as it is becoming extremely popular among men’s wig wearers. They offer comfort and a realistic looking. You’ll typically find lace hair piece bases made of woven French lace material. Swiss lace is also available, which uses a finer thread for a thinner feel, but can be less durable.

Extremely Breathable

Lace by its nature is wondrously breathable thanks to the many holes in its construction, makes the toupee particularly good for hot climates and summer seasons, offering the coolest feel to users. It is also a great base material for active men who play sports or like to workout. No matter how much you sweat, the net material will continue to breathe and prevent that annoying itchiness or stuffy scalp feel that no one wants from a human hair wig. Our lace toupees are quite popular with users raving that they feel like nothing is on their heads after a few days of wear.

Highly Realistic Appearance

This natural feel extends to the look of lace base toupee as well. The super thin threads that make up the base are extremely hard to detect under the hair. A special knot bleaching technique removes any darkening from the knotting area, which enhances the lace’s ability to blend into the scalp.

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Skin base hair piece for men has become our top wholesale toupee option in recent years for its user-friendly design and high price value point. Made of polyurethane, skin base comes in a wide variety of thickness levels that give the look of real human skin. Besides, they are easy to use and resist wear and tear.


Skin toupees are easy to clean and wear even if you are a newcomer to hair systems. Gluing hair pieces onto the skin provides a level of unmatched worry-free wearing. It only takes a few minutes to position and glue to wear and only a moment to wash off when they’re through wearing. Skin base men’s toupee couldn’t be easier to use and maintain.

Undetectable and Long-lasting

Adding to the stress-free experience of a skin base is just how undetectable the base can be. The thinnest skin base comes in at an astounding 0.03 mm thickness, making it easy to see how imperceptible it is on the head. The thinner the base, the more natural-looking the hair toupee will look and feel.

A thicker skin base toupee is a low-maintenance option with high durability. The thicker the skin base, the more durable it will be. Wearers can count on thicker skin base toupee to last without having to worry much about protecting delicate parts.

The great versatility skin base offers explains why the skin toupee is one of the most popular wholesale men’s wigs options in our hairpiece factory. 

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Monofilament toupee for men, commonly known as mono are gaining in popularity. That’s due to its durable nature that’s very resistant to tearing. Your customers will appreciate the new mono hybrid designs that often combine the best elements of skin and lace materials, to make for a multi-purpose toupee wig that’s both durable and realistic along with being comfortable and breathable.   

Breathable Comfort

Mono is a permeable material, which means although it may not have as many openings as lace, it still allows for air flow and the dissipation of heat.

Durable and Long-lasting

For the customer looking for a hair loss solution that will truly last, a mono base men’s toupee wig offers the best value. Today’s hybrid hair pieces offer the best of all bases. Look for designs with a mono top, which gives the men’s toupee unmatched durability, a thin skin perimeter for easy application and gluing and a French lace front to create the most realistic looking front hairline.  

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Man weave units are processed explicitly for African and some Polinecian hairstyles. The hair used for making man weave units is 100% Chinese human hair to achieve an original, kinky, wavy, and natural texture.

Quality Chinese hair used

All hair systems we initially made at New Times Hair are with straight human hair. We can add curls to them on request. But, the hair used for making man weave units is 100% Chinese human hair, the most solid and sturdiest in the world and best at resisting heat and dye.

Looking natural and authentic

With top-tier processing techniques, we perm, curl and dye the units into precisely the style and color required by the customer. The hair looks 100% natural and authentic, with perfect kinks and bends, looking 100% the same as African and Polynesian hair. 

Multiple bases are available

Man weave units are made of various bases, such as mono, skin, lace, and even silk top. This gives the wearer a broad range of choices.

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As one of the world-leading wholesale toupee and wig manufacturers in China with more than 10 years of experience in the hair wig industry, Newtimes Hair is where you can order wigs and hairpieces for women in bulk of top-class for factory-direct prices. We offer a very wide range of human hair wigs in numerous hair colors and sizes to fully cater to your customers’ needs. Our wholesale options include women’s toppers, medical wigs, lace wigs, toupee, hair extensions and so on. Our wigs are made of top-grade 100% real human hair sourced from the most well-reputed suppliers and are carefully handcrafted by the most specialized and experienced craftsmen in China. That is primarily why the quality of our wigs remains so exceptional among all wig manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Our partners from more than 100 countries have benefited greatly from wholesaling hair wigs for resale at Newtimes Hair. Their customers have spoken highly of our wig products including naturalness, comfort, durability, ease of use, and product design. Besides, we have a customization service available for producing custom wigs strictly according to your customers’ own needs and requirements. By buying high-quality toupees for women, hairpieces, and wigs in bulk from us, your business is sure to achieve higher levels of success in the future!


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With the business growing for over 10 years, Newtimes Hair is proud to have become one of the leading high-end hair system manufacturers and wholesale wig factories. With more than a decade of experience in export trade, our market scope now covers Europe, North America, the Middle East, and India. Being the official supplier of the leading human hair wig distributors in the US, Newtimes Hair is dedicated to providing them with different products, including men’s toupees, women’s wigs, toppers and hair extensions on a long-term basis. We cater to large and small wholesalers, online shop owners, salon  owners, hair stylists and regional wig and toupee distributors. We welcome you to choose Newtimes Hair to expand your market and boost your profit.

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At Newtimes Hair, we wholesale a wide selection of in-stock toupee for men and women available for immediate delivery. No matter where you’re located in the world, you’ll receive your toupees within 3-5 business days after the order is placed. Our toupees are manufactured with the finest real human hair following the strictest quality standard to provide high-quality, great-looking toupee hairpieces.

In our hairpiece factory, every single item passes through several rounds of quality inspections before they’re ready for shipment. As consumer needs and expectations for hair toupees keep changing and growing, Newtimes Hair never stops expanding our toupee production line. Based on trends and market research, our team continuously launches new base designs that appeal to your target consumer. Our stock hair replacement systems are available in a large variety of hair colors and base sizes to meet the wearers’ varying needs.

We’ve taken down the barriers to expanding your business, with fast shipping and below-market pricing. Compare our pricing to average market prices and you’ll find lower prices with our wholesale toupees, particularly when purchased in large quantities, allowing for greater profitability.  We work hard to supply you with quality toupees that are designed to help your business grow and be successful.

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Custom Wholesale Toupees

Unlike stock toupees, our custom toupee are designed for the wearers whose needs and expectations are more specific and personalized to a point that stock toupees will not suffice. To fulfill their needs, you’ll want to offer custom-made hairpieces.  

At our hairpiece factory, we have a highly specialized and experienced manufacturing team that’s dedicated to creating custom toupees. Our customization team is passionate about producing unique toupees based on your requests. All wigs and toupees can be customized to your customers’ requirements in terms of base size, base design, hair length, hair type, hair density, hair color, hair curl, and knot bleaching. Give your discriminating clients their dream new hair wigs, one that exclusively belongs to them!

Compared with stock toupees, custom toupees cost relatively more due to the time and skill it takes to design and manufacture. Given that the manufacturing process has to be put into action from the ground up after receiving the request, it will take around 8-12 weeks for you to receive your custom order starting the day it’s placed. We recommend placing custom orders in advance. At our hairpiece factory, you’re sure to get the best prices for custom toupees in bulk using only top-grade materials. Just let us know your idea, we will make it come true!

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In our hair system factory, we have an extensive product range of both men’s and women’s segments, including men’s toupee, full cap wig, hair system for women, women’s topper, hair integration, and more.

Maximize profits for your business with our competitive wholesale prices. We keep our wig manufacturing costs low with our in-house hair system factory so we can pass along savings directly to you. Eliminate middle-men and ask about our bulk wigs pricing for large-scale orders.

As one of the top men’s hairpiece manufacturers, we prioritize maintaining a high inventory level so we can meet the demands of even the largest bulk human hair for wig making orders. Our clients enjoy receiving their bulk wigs wholesale orders within 3-5 business days.

Enjoy effective product differentiation thanks to our exclusive human hair wigs customization service. Stand out in the market with your own custom hair toupee system products. We are capable of producing up to 10,000 custom human hair wigs per month. Thanks to our mature supply chain and in-house production, we thankfully remain unaffected by COVID-19 implications, even while most wig manufacturers continue to struggle.

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We provide worldwide drop shipping service, so no matter where your customers are located, we can ship directly to them. Enjoy stress-free ecommerce profits with no inventory to invest, no hairpiece

We offers your customers the security of free 30-day return guarantees for every client. It’s proven that customers feel more confident and place more orders when return guarantees are offered.  

As a professional wholesale toupee manufacturer, we offer OEM/ODM service for customers. Our hair system factory can customize your own hair replacement system strictly following the design you provide. In addition, our professional branding department can help you build your own hair system brand with services such as product design, logo design and package design. 

Orders can be easily placed on our website and we accept a variety of payment methods including PayPal, credit card (Visa and MasterCard), Western Union and MoneyGram.

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We know it can be daunting to begin offering men’s hair systems without any prior experience. There are so many options to choose from, what will attract clients the most? We’ve drawn from our years of experience to provide newcomers to the market with a sampling of popular systems. Everything in this special bundle with a very favorable deal is user-friendly with easy maintenance. We also include a variety of accessories, such as head template replicators and tape to help you better facilitate your hands-on experience. Finally, we also provide valuable beginner video tutorials to help you kickstart your hair system business. BUY NOW

Our hair system factory offers a wide array of base designs, base sizes and hair colors. You won’t have an issue outfitting the vast majority of your clients with the best fit and look. We work closely with a number of well-known international couriers including FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT that can ship your order to you within just working 3-5 working days regardless of your geographical location.

Our hair system factory can produce custom hair systems according to your customers’ specific requests, so it is never a dream for your customers to get the perfect hair system they ever imagined that exclusively belongs to themselves.

We place our client satisfaction above everything. At New Times Hair, our client service team is ready for you 24/7, so you can expect instant communication when you have a question or issue.

Aside from being highly specialized and experienced in the hair system industry, our service team members can communicate with you fluently in a number of languages including English, Spanish, German and French.

At New Times Hair, we offer an opportunity for hairstylists and salons to apply for a free hair system. Try our hair systems out for your business. Spots are limited, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us!