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Customers sometimes complain that they experience hair loss after only a short time of usage and there can be two reasons for this:

1.      Factory fault; or

2.      Customer usage.

If you experience this issue, send it back for us to assess what the cause. If it is a factory fault, we will repair or replace.

Factory fault

If our technicians ventilate too much hair into your hair system, the hair is prone to early breakage. This would be evident by hair loss all over the system, not partially in specific areas.

If the knots are too loose, the hair may fall prematurely. Hair fall would also occur all over the hair system, not only in certain areas because one technician creates the whole hair system.


With model NTH-201-A we found only partial hair loss which is created by usage issues. Residual glue or tape may not be fully cleaned off. If this occurs multiple times the hair becomes stuck in the glue making the knots weak. When the hair is pulled or brushed it breaks.

These issues can also be caused if shampoo or conditioner is not fully rinsed out. The remaining residue clings to the knots which weaken and eventually cause hair loss. It is a good idea to use only a spray conditioner which won’t come in contact with the roots to cause this problem.

There are many reasons for hair and we cannot list them one by one. We are always learning and like to help resolve our clients' issues together.


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