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Lace base hair pieces are always the most popular design. The hairline effect is very natural. Also, the lace base is breathable and it is very soft. For lace bases, we have three types of lace bases on sale now. They are full French lace base, Swiss lace base and fine welded mono base.

1. Full French Lace Base Hair Piece

This kind is the most popular base for all base designs. We imported the French lace material from Europe instead of South Korea. It is very delicate and the effect is very natural. The life span is about 6-9 months. If the hair piece can be treated well, the time can be even longer. The maximum density is medium heavy.  For French lace base, we have stock pieces on sale. The base size is 8″*10″. The hair length is 6″ normal Indian hair. The stock piece can be sent out within 24 hours after payment. We can also custom made as requirement.

stock full lace finished

2. Swiss Lace Base Hair Piece

Swiss lace is softer than French lace. But it isn’t so durable than French lace. The life span is only about 3-6 months . Some customers like to make Swiss lace front for the natural hairline effect. The maximum density for Swiss lace base is medium light. It can’t bear too much density because it is too delicate.

Swiss lace base

3. Fine Welded Mono Hair Piece

Some customers call fine welded mono as mono lace because it is very soft as French lace.  But it is more durable than French lace. The maximum density for fine welded mono is about heavy. The lift span is about 9-12 months.

fine welded mono

If there is any question about the lace bases, please feel free to contact . I’m always here for help.

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