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» LD5 Super Fine Mono with PU Perimeter-Men’s Hair Pieces Factory Direct

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» LW1677 Lace Base Men’s Hair Piece

  Base Construction:   French …

» Lw960 Synthetic Hair Mens Hair Piece

Wholesale hair products manufacturer in …

» Q6 Instant Delivery Mens Hair Piece

Mens Hair Pieces manufacturer in China.F …

» (LJC490) Super Fine Mono Mens Hair Piece

Product name: Super fine mono mens hair …

» HS4 Super fine mono base with PU edge and lace front hair replacement system

Super fine monofilament base with1”PU coat edge all around, and with 1/4”French lace front

» HS14:Fine welded mono lace with super thin skin edge sides back hair replacement system

Fine welded mono lace on top and front section, 3/4″ PU patch on front for tape tab, 1″ thin transparent skin on back and sides

» HS12:Super thin skin base with Fine Welded mono front toupee

Super thin skin base with Fine welded Mono lace front, Jagged connection to support the lace front offering extra lace durability

» HS8:French lace base with poly coating on back and sides men’s toupee

French lace base with double layer lace front, single layer lace at hairline, hand-sewn stitching for extra durability. 1″ thin layer of poly coating is sealed on back and sides.

» HS6 German net base with 1″ PU coat on front hair replacement

German net base overlaid with1″ PU coat on front, and with 1/4″ folded German net on front hair line. 1/4″ embedded ribbon on back and sides.