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How Long Do Hair Systems Last And Maintenance Tips

Did you know that hair systems are excellent in helping your customers feel at their best? With quality hair systems, you can easily transform the lives of many of your customers, including men of all ages, while also bringing back their self-confidence.

However, the maintenance process of hair systems can be very tricky. ‘How long does the hair system last?’ is a big question that many of our customers struggle with. Anyone who is not well-advised will find it rather tricky to work out an effective way to manage her hair systems. This is because hair systems’ lifespan varies from one product to the other. Some wigs are made to last for few weeks, while others can last for several months.

In a bid to answer the million-dollar question of ‘how long do hair systems last?’, we’ve come up with a comprehensive explanation on the question as well as a maintenance guide that will tutor you on how to prolong the lifespan of hair systems.

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How Long Does Hair Systems Last?

Simply put, the typical lifespan of your hair systems depends largely on several factors. Hair systems made of high-quality materials coupled with an excellent manufacturing process and proper routine care and maintenance will have an average lifespan of 1-12 months even if you use them every day. 

However, you need to be mindful of the fact that the 1-12 months given earlier is simply an average. And, of course, a number of factors influence the lifespan of hair systems. These include the base materials, color, hair quality, ventilation methods, and more products.


What are the Factors that Influence the Lifespan of Your Hair Systems?

As mentioned earlier, the lifespan of hair systems depends largely on a number of factors. Here, we’ll be taking a look at each of these factors. 


Base Materials 


One of the primary factors that influence the durability or lifespan of hair systems is the base materials. The base materials usually used in manufacturing hair systems can be categorized into three; skin, lace, and mono. Generally, the skin has the shortest lifespan; the lace has a bit healthy lifespan while the third one, which is the mono, has the strongest lifespan. 

Therefore, before determining the durability of your hair systems, you should investigate whether it is made of lace, mono, or skin base materials. 


Hair Quality 

When it comes to hair quality in hair systems, there are about different types. These include synthetic, Indian, human, European, virgin, and Remy hairs. However, you should be aware that all these different types of hair qualities are subjected to chemical processes and procedures.

However, the only difference among the six types is that some undergo heavy treatment processes while others undergo mild treatment procedures. Similarly, the more chemical processes a hair system is subjected to, the lesser the quality. Low-quality hair systems cause hair tangling and hair loss, thus resulting in a shortened lifespan of the hair system. 


Ventilation Methods

The majority of the hair systems you’ll find in the market today are manufactured by hand against the use of machines. In keeping the knot as invisible as possible, there is a need to make it extremely tiny. Remember, these tiny knots make the entire hair system highly fragile, thus making it shred earlier than expected.

In fact, you can discover that some hair systems easily lose their quality as early as 3 months from the production date. Similarly, one of the most common causes of hair loss is bleached hair knots. This is due to the chemicals used in bleaching these hair systems as they cause the knots to become weak, thus exposing them to hair loss. 




One other crucial factor that influences the lifespan of hair systems is color. In most cases, dark colors require a reduced treatment process, while light colors require extra care. However, you should also be aware that the frequency of processing your hair systems also influences the lifespan.

Dyeing or bleaching of hair systems for your customers also makes it prone to shorter lifespans. Whenever hair systems are exposed to UV rays or excessive sun frequently, it’ll make the color fade away, thus reducing the lifespan. 

Simple Steps to Prolonging the Hair System Lifespan

There you have it! Perhaps we’ve answered the question on“how long do hair systems last?” In subsequent pieces, we’ll focus more on how to prolong the lifespan of your hair systems and the best and effective products to boost the lifespan of your hair systems. 


Have at least more than one hair

It is important to remind your clients to have more than one hair system just like you should have more than one pair of shoes you wear daily. If your clients only have one to use daily, they will wash it often and dries it frequently to avoid the foul smell, and these things kill the follicle. To prolong a hair system's lifespan, we suggest the users have more than one as an alternative, so it can be easy to rotate as much as possible to avoid heavy wear.


Don’t overuse the hairdryer on the hair system

Hairdryers are hair spoilers; they make hair thin and scanty, so it is crucial to avoid using hairdryers as much as you can. Instead, the sun is better off because it’s all-natural. The best way to dry your hair system is to purchase a hairpiece stand; with this, you can drop the stand outside with the hair on it overnight, and the hair will have a good hair flow.

Use products designed specifically for hair systems: shampoo, gel, brush. Etc.

Your hair system is just like your natural hair. It is as delicate as it is, so just as you have a specific shampoo, gel, and brush for your natural hair, that’s the same way you need the specific shampoo and brush for it because the wrong shampoo can kill the follicle. Know the contents of the shampoo you intend to use, the brush it is a detangler, or it’s just a brush with a scattered mouth. What gel do you use on the, what’s the content of the gel. Cause some contents to have the capacity of killing the hair.


Do not wash too frequently

This is the reason you are asked to have more than one hair in order to avoid heavy wear because where there is no heavy wear, there will be no frequent washing. Washing the hair frequently makes the hair dry and hard because there are constituents used to make this hair system and washing it frequently is washing off the things that make up the hair.  Typically speaking, we will suggest users wash the hair system every one or two weeks or even less. We suggest that users don't overdo it, as the more you wash it, the more it fades.



There are many factors that influence the lifespan of your hair system, remember those factors when you choose hair systems if you prefer a durable one. Follow our guide on how to prolong the life of hair systems will help your clients use hair systems, even longer. 

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