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Most of our customers will ask how long does the system last when they place new orders. To be honest, when you ask us how long your hair system lasts, it is not easy to answer because we can only give you an approximate duration.
Hair system lifespan will be affected by many factors:
-What kind of base materials you choose, mono, lace or skin?
-How do you take care of your hair system?
-How do you use tapes and glue?
-How long do you clean your hair system?

Regarding different types of base materials, it’s mainly mono, lace and skin systems.
Here is a brief description of the estimated duration of the systems:
Swiss lace:
It is the finest and therefore the most undetectable. Being so fine, it’s also the most delicate. It will last for about 1-2 months.
French lace:
It’s a just a tiny bit thicker than Swiss lace, but you can barely tell the difference. However, its durability is a little greater than Swiss lace. HS7 stock model is full French lace base. It will last for about 3-4 months.
If your priority is a longer lifespan and comfort, we recommend our mono base.Because the base material is less delicate, attachment, removal and maintenance is simpler.It will last for about 6-12 months. HS27, HS27+, D7-3, P1-3-5 are all mono base stock systems, you can select if you need durable systems.
Different skin thickness hair systems lifespan is different. Thinner skin has an undetectable hairline, of course, it’s less durable. In our stock, there are 4 models skin systems:
HS25: 0.03mm ultra thin skin. It’s the most super natural one. It can last for about 3-4 weeks.
HS1-V: 0.06mm super thin skin. It can last for about 2-3 months.
HS1: 0.08mm thin skin: It can last for about 3-6 months.
INS; 0.08mm injected hair. It can last for about 3-4 months.

Besides, some special requirements will also affect the lifespan of hair systems. For example, some customers will ask for bleaching knots on lace front, or whole lace piece to get an undetectable systems. Bleaching knots is bleaching the dark color to light color. The chemical process will shorten the lifespan, especially some customers realize that the front hairline hair is much more easier having hair shedding problem.
Ventilation method will also have an influence on the lifespan of your hair systems. Take an example of single split knots and double reverse knots. Double reverse knots is much more stronger than single split knots. So usually, we use single split knots at lace front, and use double reverse knots at other areas. In this way, the hair system is both undetectable and durable.
Your daily maintenance will also have big influence on your hair systems lifespan.
Why we can only give you an approximate time? Because it’s just like buying new shoes, everything depends on how you use it.
At first a lack of experience may shorten lifespan. When you get your first hair system, it takes a little while to learn how to treat it. This includes how to style, brush, wash and what products you use. By sharing our own experience and the experiences of our clients we help you through this initial process.
We always advise that you perform maintenance on your hair system 1 week to 10 days. This is crucial because the adhesive you use clogs to the hair and if you leave it, you have to use a solvent to remove it. Solvent is abrasive product and we only recommend use in emergencies. If you are consistent with your maintenance, your hair system will last longer.
Let’s return the example of new shoes. If you do lots of sport, go to the beach or go mountain climbing, your shoes won’t last as long as they would if you only walk on pavement. The same happens is true for your hair system, it all depends on your lifestyle. If you do a lot of sport, go to the pool or the beach then your system won’t last as long. Again, this is also impacted by how you maintain your hair system.
To make your hair systems last as long as possible, please try to avoid following:
Treating it too roughly
Wearing it to bed at night
Using harsh shampoos on it
Brushing it too frequently or too hard
Shampooing too frequently
Swimming while wearing it (to avoid matting and discoloration)
Allowing the buildup of products like gels and texture creams
What can you do to ensure that your hair piece lasts much longer?
There are several hair wearing ‘rules’ that you should follow to minimize the deterioration of your hair piece. 
Use a blow dryer on a cool or warm setting
Use shampoos that are sulfate free 
Shampoo it every 2-3 days
Use conditioner each time you shampoo and comb it thru
Use Nearly Natural Softening Conditioner
Sleep on a satin pillowcase that minimizes the friction when you wear it to bed
Avoid alcohol based sprays & gels
What problems will you experience when you use the hair systems?
We believe that hair shedding problem is the most headache thing. To find the reasons that cause hair shedding, let’s clear firstly what’s hair shedding. There are two situation of hair shedding.

One is that hair loose from the base net, the knot is open and the hair slide from the net. We stressed double reverse strong knots, so this is seldom to happen.

The other is that hair break from hair root directly. There are several reasons for hair breaking, such as not good raw material hair, coloring hair and perm hair process, bleaching knots, unproper units using. In this situation, you’d better send the hair system back to us. So we can check the real reason and improve accordingly.

Now we work out more ways to prevent the hair shedding problem at factory. Firstly, we are selecting good raw material hair supplier. Secondly, we improve the hair coloring and hair curl perm techniques to reduce the damage on hair texture. Thirdly, we are applying light bleaching knots for stock and custom made orders, unless you want full bleaching knots.

Regarding unproper hair system using, the most noticeable problem is tapes or hair-care products residue. The residue will corrode the hair and cause hair breaking. So we suggest you cleaning the hair system thoroughly for each wash and using spray-on condition.
If you experience hair falling out from the hair system, what should you do?

Mainly due to the fact that a hair piece does not have the natural oils that your own hair contains, it will never last forever. If there is some hair falling out, but it’s still at good condition, we suggest you repairing with adding hair. If it’s within 3 months after delivery, we can add hair free of charge. If it’s over 3 months, or you ordered from other factories, we can also provide repair service. Here are some notes for you for repair service:
1.Before you send us the repair order, please send us a picture to check the situation. Sometimes we get the hair systems with very long times use, the hair has almost fallen out. For such situation, we don’t suggest repairing. It may take longer time for repairing and the price is almost for a new hair system.
2.Please send the repair order to below address:
FAO: Nancy Yu
Newtimes Hair Industries Co., LTD
Room 809, Building B, LuBang Plaza
No.177 Shandong Road
Qingdao, China
PC: 266033
Tel : +86-532-88994028
And please write “plastic template” as the product name. Please kindly declare the value of package less than $10 USD dollars to avoid high customs. Thanks.

Please send us the tracking number. When we receive it, we will confirm with you as soon as possible.
3.Please clean the old hair system before shipment to us. It will be easier for us to check the system situation and process. Thank you.
If you have special requirements for hair length, hair density, hair color and hair type. Please email us the specifications or put a note inside the package
If you have any question or orders, please email to for more information.

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