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Many customers may feel confused and don’t know how to make their choice when they see so many models in our catalogue and on our website, especially for those who are first time buyers. So how to can we choose the best hair system? Here are a few tips for your reference.

Firstly, in terms of production time, there are stock hair systems and custom made orders, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

-Stock systems:


Advantages: Stock systems can be sent out within 24 working hours after payment. It takes about 4-5 days for delivery. If your customers need a hair system urgently, we suggest stock systems. We have recently added more stock models to our range so please email me for updated stock men’s toupee price list.

Disadvantages: Stock systems come as they and while they suit most of customers, they are not a perfect match for everyone. Stock systems are made with the most common specifications, including: a 8x10 base size, 6 hair length, 32mm slight wave, medium light density or medium density and in a variety of colors. Stock systems can also be cut down to the right size. 

-Custom made orders:

custom order01

Advantages: Custom made orders are made according to the customer’s exact requirements for a perfect fit, feel and look. However, you need to bear in mind production time.

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage is that custom made orders take much longer time for production. A normal men system with an 8x10 base size, 6 hair length and medium light density takes about 6-8 weeks for production. However, our rush service takes 1-2 weeks less and is available at extra cost.

Secondly, in terms of base material, lace, skin and fine mono are the most common base materials. They can be combined for a different base design. Here we will discuss some base materials for stock hair systems.

-French lace & Swiss lace:


Lace is the most breathable base material. If the weather where you live is hot or humid, we suggest a lace base for you. The same goes for gym-goers and highly active people, French lace is also a very good choice. On our stock list our HS7 is full French lace with medium light density; our HS7M is full French lace with medium density, and our Q6 is French lace with clear PU at the sides and back.

Swiss lace is much finer than French lace. Its delicate and therefore its less durable than French lace. Swiss lace can hold a maximum of medium light density at our factory. We are currently in the process of designing a Swiss lace stock system and when it becomes available for sale, we will inform you. 

-Thin skin:


Thin skin is another very popular base material. Skin systems are undetectable. However, compared with French lace and Swiss lace, its not breathable. There are different skin thickness available from our factory. The thicker the skin is, the less durable the system is. You can find a variety of different choices on our stock list.

*HS25 is a 0.03mm ultra-thin skin system. Its air-light and breathable. The super natural effect has made it more and more popular in the US and Europe. It has a lifespan of about 3-4 weeks. 

*HS1-V is a 0.06mm super thin skin system. If you think the HS25 lifespan is too short, you should consider this model. It also has V-loop hair all over, which makes it super natural.  

*HS1 is the most popular skin system in stock. Its a 0.08mm skin system. It can satisfy both your requirements for an undetectable hairline and durability. We now also have medium density #1B color available in our stock range. 

The three models above are most suitable for the brush back style so if you like this hair style, you cant definitely try these models. 

*INS is a 0.08mm skin base with injected hair. Injected hair is very natural. Men’s toupees with injection hair has a more flat effect. Kindly note that this system is suitable for combing forward, and we dont suggest this model for brush back style.

-Fine mono:


Fine mono is breathable and durable. Its widely used in hair systems. Fino mono can hold high densities, including medium heavy and heavy density. All our fine mono systems are medium density, which are very suitable for Asia and Middle East markets. If you are looking for a medium density stock system, we would like to recommend our HS27+ to you. This model has a mono base with cut-away skin gauze, and a lace front. Its durable and undetectable. Moreover, the cut-away skin gauze allow you to cut into any size you need.

Recently we added more medium density stock models with different sizes, including 6x8, 7x9, 7x10, and 8x10. Please email me for updated stock price list. 

Now you must have a basic knowledge of our stock men’s toupees. If our stock systems do not meet your customers needs, you need to arrange custom made orders.

How should I proceed with custom made orders at Newtimes Hair?specifications-required

The specifications required include: Base design, base size, hair length, hair density, hair color, hair curl and hair type. If you have special instructions, such as bleached knots, or the addition of under hair, please also inform us. 

-Base design: You can choose astock base design, or you can also look through our website for more designs. Of course, if you have your own base design, we can duplicate it.

-Base size: You can send us the measurements and front shape, such as 8x10, and CC front shape. If its a full cap wig, please the link below for measurement instructions. It’s also great if you can send us the templates. We will copy and keep them on file for repeat orders. Please check here to find how to make a template.  

-Hair length, hair color and hair curl: You can send us hair color and hair curl samples, or your color ring. You can also choose the color code and curl from our color ring and curl chart.

-Hair density: Different factories have different density standards. So we suggest you purchase a density chart from us to ensure the correct density.

-Hair type: We have Indian hair, Indian Remy hair, Chinese virgin hair and European hair at our factory. Please see the link below: 

If your customers like prefer the design of an existing hair system we can duplicate it. Please mail the old systems, template or hair samples to the below address. We will confirm with you as soon as we get it.


FAO: Nancy Yu

Newtimes Hair Industries Co., LTD

Room 809, Building B, LuBang Plaza

No.177 Shandong Road

Qingdao, China

PC: 266033

Tel : +86-532-88994028

Note: Please write "plastic template" as the product name. Please kindly declare the value of package less than $10 US dollars to avoid high customs.

Please let me know the tracking number after shipment. I will check closely and will confirm with you as soon as receive. 

If you have any questions for us, please email:







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