How to Confirm the Hair Density for a Hair Replacement Order?
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When you make a custom-made order for men hairpieces, you need to provide all the hair details, like hair type, hair length, hair curl&wave, hair density, hair color and base size and design, just like the order form shows.

When our customers place orders for first time, they may be confused about the hair density.  But please don’t worry. As a professional hairpiece manufacturer, Newtimes Hair has a hair density chart to help you choose the right density option.

1.Extra Light-60%-much too thin to be applied in hair systemshairpiece-extra-light

2.Light-80%-This density will show the scalp when parted


3.Med.Light-100%-This hair density is similar to thin hair and will show your scalp when parted. It is a good option for most aged people, a very natural look.


4.Medium-120%-the regular hair density of most toupees/wigs on the market today


5.Med.Heavy-140%-suitable for normal wear for a woman in their twenties, their thirties or even their forties.


6.Heavy-160%-a little bit too heavy for normal wear.


7.Extra Heavy-180%-we do not recommend this hair density as it looks unnatural.


You can also see the differences clearly in the pictures below.



We hope you can make the correct choice concerning hair density. If you have any questions about the toupee/wigs, please be free to contact with us. You will get professional answers immediately. Please email to sales1@newtimershair for more information.




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