How to get invisible knots?
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How to get invisible knots?

In terms of technology, there are two ways to achieve an invisible knot effect. Here are advantages and disadvantages of the two methods. You can check it and find which way is best for your custom-made orders.

1. Single split knots
Advantages: The knot is smaller than double reverse split knots. Check out the picture of single split knots and double reverse split knots. You can see the single split knots is smaller, so it will more invisible than double knots. This is why we usually use single split knots at the front hairline.
Disadvantages: Single split knots can easily loosen from the base which means they are not as strong as double knots. On French lace, we usually use single split knots at the front hairline but double knots on the remainder of the base.
2. One hair per knot.
Advantages: One hair per knot also achieves an invisible knot effect. This method minimizes the knot size, and therefore the knot is invisible. But these can only be applied to low density units.
Disadvantages: If your client wants s higher density (medium or higher), we must use 2 or 3 hairs per knot to achieve that volume. As we know the knots will be bigger and accordingly more visible. If the hair color is dark, the dark color also makes the knots even more visible, for example #1 jet black.

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