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All customers want to have a natural hair piece, and the information below will help you to order a natural hair piece for your customers:

1. If your client likes a lace base, and the knots need to be invisible, you can ask for bleach knots.

Bleach knots can make hair pieces look more natural. However, not all hair pieces are compatible with bleached knots. We usually bleach knots on lace, but not on skin and synthetic hair can’t be bleached either.  Light color hair is more compatible with bleach knots.  If the hair color is darker than #1B, we can’t bleach the knots.

2. Graduated density also helps to create a natural front hairline for a lace base.

We usually use graduated density at the front to create a natural look.  Graduated hair density means less density at the front, which graduates through to the main density of the hair piece. This makes the front hairline more natural as it mimics the natural hair pattern. However, if your client needs thick hair at the front, we can also use no graduation.

3. If your client wants a natural PU base, you can order a thin skin hair piece.

Our thin skin ranges in thicknesses from 0.03mm-0.10mm. We call 0.03mm ultra-thin skin, and our stock piece HS25 has our ultra-thin 0.03mm base. We also supply the following stock hair pieces with thin skin bases: HS1, HS1-V and INS.

We usually use transparent thin skin, but can also dye bases other colors such as light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black.

We also use a graduated density on skin front systems to create a natural hairline.

Skin hair replacements come with different knot types.  They can be knotted, v-looped, or injected.   If your customer doesn't like knots on their hair replacement, an injected skin base or v-looped skin system is a good choice.

V-looped skin basea are ultra-thin at 0.03mm, but injected skin bases can’t be thinner than 0.08mm.

With flat injected skin, the hair lies flat on the scalp and can be combed and styled easily.  The thinnest skin thickness is 0.08mm.

With lift injected skin, the hair appears upright as the hair is directly injected from above.  Lift injected skin bases are more natural looking than flat injected bases, but the thinnest skin thickness is 0.10mm.

4. If the hair color of a hair piece is too dark, but your client still needs invisible knots, we offer a dye after service.

When a client needs jet black color #1, we can firstly knot the lighter color #3 on the base, and then dye the hair to jet black #1 after knotting.  In this way the knots will appear lighter and can then be bleached.  We usually use the dye after method at the front of a hair piece, but we can do it all over as required.

5. If the front of a hair piece is thick PU coating or folded net, we can add under hair at the front to hide the front edge.

Under hair is knotted in 1-2 lines on the edge of the scalp side of the base.  When the skin base is thick, the edge is sometimes visible, and under hair serves to cover the edge, giving you a natural look.  Under hair can also be added to a folded net front to decrease visibility and make the front hairline more natural.

5. If your client needs a very natural base design our silk top base is a good option.

Silk top is also called injected lace.  Normally silk top comes with 2 or 3 layers. Silk mono is the layer close to hair side, and injected lace is close to scalp side.  Some clients also like to add another layer of silk mono or diamond net inside on scalp side for comfort.

Take the 3-layer silk top base design for example.  First, we knot hair on injected lace which is the middle layer.  Second, we inject hair through the silk mono on the hair side, and the knots become hidden between the injected lace and silk mono.  That is why the hair looks like it grows out of the scalp.  Finally, we add a layer of diamond net or another layer of silk mono on the inner scalp side base.  The diamond net helps to prevent knots from moving towards the scalp side and makes for a more comfortable feel.

6. Scallops help to create a natural front hairline.

When a hair piece has a lace or skin front, some customers ask for scallops at the front as they help to create a natural front hairline effect. However, we don’t use graduated hair density if there are scallops as they are different methods of a achieving a natural front hairline.

7. Choose a suitable ventilate methods.

For example, with full French lace bases, we usually us single split knots on the front 1/2”, and use double split knots on the rest of the base.  We knot this way because single split knots appear small on French lace. After being bleached, the knots become translucent and invisible.  All customers want a natural front hairline effect, and that’s why use single split knots at the front. However, these knots are delicate so we usually use double split knots which retain more durability. This offers a great compromise between a natural look and lifespan.

We can also use other ventilate methods according to your requirements.

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