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How to order the correct hair color for your client's hair system


Recently, news has broken that a famous 71-year-old actor has been wearing hair systems for 39 years. Many netizens were shocked saying, "it's impossible", "I don't believe it" or "it's exactly like real hair". That is simply the beauty and magic of hair systems! But this writer – after so many years in the industry – has become accustomed to the realism of hair systems.

Your clients may tell you they want a realistic-looking toupee but they will probably not have an understanding about how to achieve this effect. This blog will discuss one of the most important factors for realism: hair color. We know that most clients are partially bald and not totally bald. This is especially true of men who often still have their own hair on the back and sides. If the toupee color matches the wearer's hair very well, it will look realistic and will not be detected by others, even at close range. Conversely, if you choose the incorrect color, it will look unnatural.


For example, an older male client whose hair color is lighter and has a lot of gray hair in it may insist on a darker color because he believes dark hair will make him look younger. However, when he wears his hair system, he will find a clear difference between his own hair and that of the hair system ruining the realism of it. So, when you are advising your clients, you need to guide them towards making the right choice. We must always keep in mind that if we want to achieve a very natural look for your clients, it is critical to select the correct hair color so that the hair system seamlessly blends in with the customer's own hair.


When customizing hair replacement systems, there are several options to help you choose the right color for your clients. The first option is to send your client's hair sample to us so that our factory can replicate the color. Hair obtained this way will provide the best match.


Sometimes your clients may not want to or are unable to provide their own hair samples but we do have another option. Color rings. We have all kinds of color rings for both men and women that contain hundreds of colors. You will therefore be able to choose the right hair color for your clients from our color rings.


Some suppliers may also accept a photo as a color sample. For full cap wigs, this way may be OK as some color deviation is acceptable. However, a photo is not suitable for smaller hair toupees as the hair color needs to be fully accurate. Photos are prone to color deviation because the color of the photo is affected by many factors such as the light when the photo was taken or the difference in resolution on screens. So, we do not recommend this method if you wish to avoid receiving complaints from disgruntled clients.

Finally, if your client has bought a hair system before, then you can send us their old hair system or a hair sample from it and we can match the color that way. You just need be aware that the hair of old hair systems normally fades over time especially on the top and front area. Therefore, you should find an area of hair that has not faded like the back and take the sample from there.


Having said all that, what happens if the color of the hair system does not match your client's hair? This may have been caused by a wrong color sample or possibly a production mistake. There is a way to solve the problem though. You can just dye your clients’ hair to make it match the hair system.

Some of our sellers also dye the hair of a hair system to match the client's hair too. However, if you do it this way you need high-quality products that have been created specifically for wigs as well as good coloring techniques. Otherwise, the hair of the hair system will become very dry and may even be destroyed as the hair of a hair system is not living.


One final point about coloring a hair system is that you can color light hair to dark hair easily but do not try and bleach dark hair. It will destroy the wig. As we mentioned above, the hair of a human hair system is dead so it breaks more easily than living hair. Bleaching actually does a lot more damage than coloring.


We hope this article has helped you to understand the importance of hair color for wigs and how to select the right color for your clients to better serve their needs.

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