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Hello everyone, this is Eva. Today, I am here to help show you how to place a hair toupee order with us. I hope it’s helpful

Stock toupees and wigs

Because we have many customers who want toupees or wigs immediately, we have a large variety of stock systems ready to ship.

These are our stock toupee styles, you can check out their specifications in the PDF file attached and find the one you need. Because we have a variety of different colors in stock, you can tell our sales representative which base style and hair color you want directly. They will give you a quote and once paid, we ship out your order immediately.

Custom toupee or wig

Placing a stock order is easy, now let’s turn to our custom systems.


Base size:

  1. You can tell us the toupee size in terms of length and width. For wigs, give us the capsize, as shown in the picture below: Cap                                                              Some customers find it difficult to take the measurements themselves or are concerned they won’t achieve a perfect fit. In this case, we recommend the creation of a template for us to use in production. Now I’ll tell you how to make a template.                                                                                                      Tools: clear tape, flexible ruler, and a marker pen.                                                                                         A) Prepare some plastic wrap so that it covers the top of the of the head. After pressing the wrap close to the head, use tape to contour the head shape. Beginning at the forehead, use tape to define the perimeter of the base. The area of baldness determines these outer perimeters. After you have taped the boundaries, cover the inner portion of the plastic wrap with the overlapping piece of tape, then apply another 2 layers of tape. The tape will lock the plastic wrap into a permanent transparent tape template.    cap                                                                                             B) You can determine the front hairline by placing 3 or 4 of your fingers (depending on your age) above the brow line. And lines are drawn from that point to form a pattern (see below), which covers the bald area. Deeper recessions look the most natural.                                                                                                 cap template                                                                                              C) After the entire outer perimeter of the pattern is drawn, the desired style should be indicated. If a part is desired, draw a line from a pivot point at the of the back crown to the front hairline. Placement of the pivot point should correspond to what can be seen of your original growth.                                           cap size                                                                                             D) Remove the tape template from your head and trim the excess plastic wrap off. Then put the trimmed piece on your head to check if the template is suitable for your bald area.                                                     cap size                                                                                             If you want a wig template, you can use the same methods.                                                                           If you still have questions about how to do a perfect template now, please contact without hesitation. I am here to solve your problem.
  2. Hair color                                                                                                                                                      We have men’s and women’ color charts. You can choose any color from these. If you prefer you can send us a hair sample for us to make an exact match.

  3. Base/Cap styles                                                                                                                                                   We have full lace bases, full skin bases, mono bases, lace with PU bases, mono with PU and silk top and etc. For more base types, please check our website

  4. Hair types                                                                                                                                                          We have Indian hair, Indian Remy hair, Chinese hair, Chinese Remy hair and European hair.

  5. Hair length                                                                                                                                                    We do hair lengths from 4’’ to 28’’. If you want length less than 6’’, we recommend you still order 6’’ as the price is the same. We also offer cutting service and styling service, at an extra charge of $20. 

  6. Hair density                                                                                                                                                      Density is from 60% (Extra Light) to 180% (Heavy). If you need something lighter or heavier, we are also able to do it.

  7. Hair wave                                                                                                                                                          Wave is from 2mm to 4.0mm (Natural Straight), and Silky Straight.

  8. Contour                                                                                                                                                          Please see our contour chart below to choose the right contour.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         If you have any problem, remember to contact me at                                 Whatsapp: +86 176 858 00670                                                                                                                     Website: 


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