How to take care of curly hair of your hair piece?
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If you have natural curly hair, you will find it can be hard to get it to look right. Sometimes the curls get fluffy or frizzy.

I have straight hair but I permed my hair at salon before. I loved it but I had to wet the curly hair and get the right direction every morning. This takes time and its same situation to the hair pieces. Here are a few tips to help you wash your curly hair piece.

1. When you wash your hair piece with shampoo and conditioner, please don’t rub it in like crazy. Let the water go through the hair and wash the shampoo out. The most important thing is to keep the hair in one direction.

2. Never brush or comb the hair when the hair piece is still wet. If you comb the hair, the curl will come apart and it will be frizzy. Instead use your fingers to comb the hair gently. Also watch out for synthetic grey hair. If it gets frizzy it will tangle your hair.

3. Don’t a use towel to rub your hair dry. It will cause friction and frizz!! Use the towel only to absorb the excess water, and then let it dry it naturally.

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