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How to take off your hair system?  When you take off your hair system, you may break it if you don't know the right way.  I'm introducing you some tips for taking off the men's toupee now.

There are 3 steps need be followed as below:

1. Apply some adhesive remover on your hair system area.   Wait for few minutes, when it soaks in and  breaks down the bond, then you can continue next step.
2. Peeling hair system starts from the back of the hair system.  The hairline usually is delicate.  If you peeling start from it, you may break the natural hairline.  So we recommend peeling starts from the back of hair system.  If you wear a full cap piece, we recommend peeling from the sideburn, and then the back.
3. Using the tip of your finger to find out the around edge from back.  Spray adhesive remover, after a few minutes, peel up the back of the hair system.  And after a few inches,  spray more adhesive remover.  This will break the bond and make the pieces easier to be peeled off.


If you wear a skin systems, don't pull it too hard, this maybe stretch your skin systems.

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