HS25 Ultra Thin Skin 0.03mm V-looped Stock Toupee - [Product code: HS25-V]
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  • Stock Toupee Instructions: Ultra thin skin 0.03mm 11
     Base Size  8"x10"
     Hair Length  5-6“
    Curl & Wave   Slight Wave 3.2cm
     Density  Medium-Light
     Hair Color   1#, 1A#, 1B#, 1B10#, 1B20#, 1B40#, 2#, 210#, 220#, 240#, 3#, 310#, 320#, 340#, 4ASH#,  4#, 420#, 5#, 6#, 7#, 7ASH#, 18#, 22R#
     Hair Direction:  freestyle


    This ultra thin skin 0.03mm V-looped stock toupee is our most popular hair system.   It is very natural.  As hair piece manufacturer, NewtimesHair can make any products according to the customers' requirements.



    HS25 Ultra Thin Skin 0.03mm V-looped Stock Toupee (6)The base of this stock toupee is ultra thin skin.  The thickness of ultra thin skin is just 0.03mm.  It is so light to people feel it when it on the head.

    Also, we apply v-looped hair all over for this stock product.  V-looped hair has not any knot.  It is natural and lift, can create a very realistic appearnce for the wearing. HS25 Ultra Thin Skin 0.03mm V-looped Stock Toupee (5)

    HS25 Ultra Thin Skin 0.03mm V-looped Stock Toupee (2)For the front hairline, we do an irregular knotting method.  The hair are knotted on the base randomly, not stand so straight line as the corn.  This can create an natural hairline.

    The base size can also be custom-made to any size and hair of any length, color or density can be added. As a hair replacement system manufacturer, we at Newtimes Hair can also design any product according to your customers' requirements.HS25 Ultra Thin Skin 0.03mm V-looped Stock Toupee (3)

    As a hair product factory of China, we Newtimes Hair have been making high quality hair replacement systems, hair pieces, women wigs, toupee, hair extensions, hair weft to buyers and customers all over the world…read more

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