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Boost your hair business with our diverse range of wholesale hair extensions. As one of the leading hair extensions suppliers and distributors, Newtimes Hair delivers premium quality to your hair business! Our hair extensions are made from high-quality Remy human hair sourced from single donors. All hair extension methods are offered here at Newtimes Hair ! We master tape-ins, keratin fusions, wefts, clip-ins, halos, and bulk hair extensions.

Besides adding length and volume, the hair has a natural shine and is silky smooth, looking like your client’s natural hair. Your client no longer has to feel inferior before a celebrity! You can perm, straighten, color, and style it like natural hair. It’s time to flaunt. It’s time to rock some hair. It’s time to be confident and feel beautiful again!

Our hair extensions are available for private labeling, reselling, and rebranding. As a full-stack hair extension supplier, we offer OEM and ODM and ship fast. Newtimes Hair has all the resources to help you set up a business and grow.

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About Human Hair Extensions

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a bunch or bunches of hair, through different bonding techniques, attached to the wearer’s natural hair or scalp, to achieve a voluminous, full-head-of-hair look.
There are generally two types of hair extensions, professional hair extensions and temporary hair extensions.
●   Professional hair extensions include tape-ins, wefts, micro-links, and fusion hair extensions. They are semi-permanent and usually need a licensed hairstylist’s help installing them.
●   Temporary hair extensions include clip-in human hair extensions, halos, and ponytails. They are much easier to install compared to professional hair extensions. Wearers can usually put them on and off any time and anywhere they want.

What are the benefits of human hair extensions?

If you seriously consider wearing hair extensions in the long run, human hair extensions will surely be your top option. Their major advantages are:

1. Natural: They blend better with the wearer’s natural hair. Human hair is a person’s bio hair. It blends better with the wearer’s bio hair than synthetic hair does. Synthetic hair has a glare that is hard to get rid of, and the hair just can’t be 100% natural.

2. Durable: Human hair extensions, especially Remy hair extensions, last much longer than synthetic ones. Although slightly more expensive than synthetic ones, they can last 2-3 times longer.

3. Versatile: Natural hair extensions can be styled into more hairstyles than synthetic ones. For example, natural hair extensions have intact cuticles, which allows them to take color with no problem, and hold the color. They behave the way natural hair should.

What are professional hair extensions?

Professional hair extensions, also known as semi-permanent hair extensions, are attached to natural hair through various attaching techniques, keeping the hair looking long and voluminous. Common professional hair extension methods are tape-ins, micro-links, wefts, and fusion hair extensions.

Hair extensions pros&cons


1. Instant length and volume: hair extensions are the easiest ways to add instant volume and length to the wearer’s hair.
2. Long-lasting: hair extensions, especially professional hair extensions, are supposed to last for a long time on the wearer’s hair. Tape in and fusion hair extensions can stay on the hair for around 3-4 months before a touchup, and most hair extensions can be re-applied multiple times.
3. Add shades to hair: hair extensions can add different shades to the wearer’s natural hair without much styling involved.
4. Harm-free: hair extensions are a harmless method to add length and volume to the wearer’s natural hair. For those who often try different hairstyles or colors, hair extensions often cause minimal to no damage to the wearer’s natural hair.


1.  High maintenance: with hair extensions on, especially semi-permanent hair extensions, a regular re-fit is a must. If the wearer’s natural hair does grow out of bonds, the wearer usually needs to visit a hairstylist every 3-4 months to undo the extensions and re-install them again. However, quality hair extensions can last over a year.
2. Costly and time-consuming: Hair extensions can also be costly and time-consuming. Fusion hair extensions are an example. The wearer needs to sit in a salon for 2-3 hours for them to get installed, and they need to set a budget of around $ 2,000 each year for salon visits and new hair extensions.

Do natural hair extensions help my client’s hair grow?

If your client typically craves a full head of long, wavy hair, surprisingly, ‘yes’ is the answer.
Properly installed hair extensions do help the hair grow. That’s absolutely right. Correctly performed hair extension procedures help protect the hair from damage and ensure that your clients get the hair length they want.

How much do hair extensions cost?

Permanent professional hair extensions like tape-ins, wefts, and fusion hair extensions are way more expensive, costing anywhere from $600 to $3000.
Temporary women’s hair extensions like halo and clip-in human hair extensions are much more affordable. On the market, the average cost of those hair extensions is between $200 – $500.

How to Choose Hair Extensions

What color do you supply? How can I find the color I need?

Click to pick your favorite color(s) from our Remy Hair Extension Color Board!
You can also choose a few single colors to produce Ombre, Pian, or Mixed colors! If you can’t find the colors you need, contact us now! Moreover, you can customize your colors, too.

Why do hair extensions’ colors sometimes not look exactly like the pictures show?

We have done our best to display the colors of the products shown on this website as accurately as possible. However, because the colors you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any color will be accurate.
To improve accuracy, we highly recommend you purchase one set of our color rings or send in either your own color ring or samples of the customer’s hair.

What lengths of hair extensions do you offer?

We have a wide range of hair extension methods. For most methods, we have lengths from 10″ up to 28″. I-Tip keratin, nano ring, I-tip, and Nail-Tip extensions have lengths up to 30″.

How to choose the hair extension length for my client?

Please check the hair extension length chart to choose the hair extension length.

What types of hair do you use for making hair extensions?

At Newtimes Hair, we only supply 100% human hair extensions. The hair we use for natural hair extensions is divided into three main categories: Remy hair, double-drawn hair, and Indian hair.

Remy Hair

Double Drawn

Indian Hair





Hair origions

One donor

One donor

Different donors

Hair Direction




Hair Ends




Hair thickness

Hair thickness gets thinner from root to ends

Same thickness from root to ends

Hair thickness gets thinner from root to ends


12 months+

12 months+



●   Remy Hair
“Remy hair” refers to all the hair in the hair extension that runs in the same direction, from root to tip.

Remy hair extensions are a premium kind of hair extension on the market. With all cuticles in one direction, fewer tangles and matte will occur while using. And they will last longer than other types of hair.

All the Remy hair we use for hair extensions is from single donors, which means the hair texture and shape are all the same, giving the wearer a natural, flowy look.
●   Double-Drawn Hair
Double-drawn hair is also Remy hair but of the upper class of the Remy hair family.
Double-drawn hair extensions meet all of the requirements for Remy hair extensions listed above: all hair in a bundle or weft has intact cuticles, and all hair in the bundle or weft points in the same direction. The only difference is that all the hair in a bundle of double-drawn hair has the same length.
●   Indian Hair
Indian hair belongs to the more economical hair class. It is usually sourced from something other than single donors like Remy or double-drawn hair. One bundle of Indian hair could be from a few random donors. A bundle of Indian hair usually runs in different directions, as do the cuticles. That’s why with new Indian hair, we have to use chemicals to burn off the cuticles. So the hair will get smoother and won’t tangle up. However, without the protection of cuticles, the hair won’t last as long as Remy hair does. Plus, it won’t be as shiny as hair with intact cuticles.
Suppose you need help deciding which hair to choose. In that case, we recommend Remy hair extensions for a reasonable price and ideal hair quality. 

Will wearing hair extensions damage natural hair?

Hair extensions will not damage the natural hair and can help it grow when appropriately placed. That’s why we only recommend getting hair extensions installed by professional hairstylists.

What type of hair extension is least damaging to the hair?

Halo hair extension is considered an extension that is completely safe for hair. It sits on top of the head using a translucent silicone wire and won’t weigh down your hair. Besides, no heat or chemicals are required to install them, so they will not cause any damage to the hair.
Hand-tied weft hair extension is another type of extension causing the least to no damage to the natural hair. They are very thin weft that doesn’t add much weight or cause tension to the hair stands or the scalp.
Check out our guide on the least damaging hair extensions for hair to learn.

What are the best hair extensions for fine or thin hair?

For your clients who want to add more volume and length to their fine thin hair, sew-in weft hair extensions are great options.
However, if your client’s hair is fine and delicate, halo hair extensionshand-tied wefts, and genius wefts are much safer options.

How to Use&Care Human Hair Extensions

How long do hair extensions last?

The longevity of hair extension depends on the hair it uses and how well it is looked after. Hair extensions also vary in style and purposes. Their techniques are different from item to item. With proper care, our premium quality Remy hair extension, on average, should last more than a year, with normal Indian hair extensions lasting 6-8 months in contrast.

How to take care of hair extensions?

●     1. Wash hair correctly.
Your client should treat hair extensions as her natural hair. Use well-branded sulfate-free shampoo and hair conditioner for the hair. Ensure your client washes her hair extensions using warm water, not scorching hot water. Your client should shower her hair, not bathe before it tangles. Let the water flow through the hair. Always focus shampoo on the root of the hair to remove excess oil, and focus hair conditioner on the end of the hair to nourish it. Not the other way round.
●     2. Never sleep with wet extensions.
For this will lead to tangled and matted roots or extensions falling out. Tossing and turning on a bed can mess up the hair extension and the wearer’s natural hair.
●     3. Make sure your clients always brush the hair extensions with care.
The wearer should never brush too harshly, or hair strands will begin to fall out, and the hair will start tangling. Invest in a quality hairbrush, preferably a wide-tooth hairbrush. The wearer must brush her hair’s ends before working her way up. This will cause a minor strain on the hair.
●     4. Conditioning the hair weekly.
Hair extensions are only bonded to the root, so unlike natural hair, hair extensions cannot receive a constant supply of natural oils from our scalp. A weekly conditioning treatment will allow the hair extension to be filled with moisture, keeping it super smooth.
●     5. Minimize heat damage.
Excessive use of heat will make the hair brittle, and split ends will accumulate. No matter how much time and effort you spend on conditioning and nourishing the hair, excessive heat will damage the hair extensions. If you have to use heat, make sure to use it properly. Here are a few tips: Use a heat protectant, turn down the temperature, or take regular breaks from the heat.
●    6. Separate the bonds daily.
This may sound super tedious and time-consuming. However, it takes only a few minutes, and doing it every day will take less time when you become more familiar with the process.
Simply feel the bonds with your fingers, and check that none has been tangled. If they have, try to separate them carefully – sometimes, a small brush or comb may be needed to do this. While doing this, the wearer will have a chance to stop the hair extensions from being matted against any loose or falling hair.

How often do hair extensions need to be tightened?

Professional hair extensions need to be tightened every 4-6 weeks.
The sooner your client gets her hair tightened, the better. You can recommend that your client get the hair extensions tightened every 4-6 weeks.
On average, a person loses 50-150 strands each day. The hair naturally shed will get stuck in the beads until there’s a chance to brush them out. So the longer she waits, the more hair gets stuck in the beads and resulting in more tangles and stress to her natural hair.

Can I dye or color the human hair extensions?

Yes, you can dye or color them just like natural human hair.
It is generally easier to dye the hair into a darker hue than a lighter hue. We prefer dyeing it darker. The hair’s original color doesn’t fade quickly.
If dyed inappropriately, it could ruin the hair. We highly recommend getting the hair extensions dyed by a professional hairstylist.
Self-coloring may give the hair a different tone than what your client wants. If your client can’t access a hair salon, please ensure she always uses high-quality hair products and tests before buying.

Can the human hair extension be straightened or curled?

The wearer could use a hair straightener or curler to style the human hair extensions. But she should never do it too often, or the heat will dry the hair and cause tangles.

Why do hair extensions get tangled?

Dry hair is usually the cause.
Be sure to suggest your client wash hair extensions using sulfate-free shampoo and using hair conditioner or leave-in to moisturize the hair.
Comb the hair from time to time to avoid hair tangles. Once it gets tangled, comb the hair gently, starting from the tips to the upper part of the hair.

Remy hair extensions have all cuticles in one direction and are less likely to tangle. We highly recommend you use Remy human hair extensions rather than normal Indian hair.

How to stop hair extensions from matting at the root?

●   1. Avoid sleeping with the hair extensions wet.
●   2 Spend ten minutes daily separating the bonds.
●   3. Try not to massage the scalp while washing hair. Slowly stroke shampoo into hair.

Wholesale Hair Extensions

Why should I choose Newtimes Hair as my wholesale human hair extensions supplier?

●    1. Multi-functional website allows buyers to order online and quickly get a wholesale price.
●   2. Newtimes Hair delivers premium quality to your clients with our ethically sourced Remy human hair extensions from single donors.
●   3. Excellent customer service: we are online 24/7, answering your needs. We also have multiple languages available.
●   4. Newtimes Hair keeps every step of production under close watch and has reduced costs to the minimum while retaining quality. We offer the best wholesale price.
●   5. We offer OEM and ODM, and we ship fast. Most of our buyers receive our products in less than a week.
●   6. As one of the leading hair extensions suppliers in China, we are experienced. Our clients are around 3,000 salon owners, regional distributors, and hairstylists in over 200 countries. We helped a lot of them start a hair business and grow.

Is Newtimes Hair a hair extension manufacturer or wholesale supplier?

Newtimes Hair is an original manufacturer and one of the best hair extensions wholesale suppliers in China. We have complete procedures from manufacturing to shipping.

With over ten years of experience in the hair-making industry. You can trust us as your hair extension supplier!

Click to learn more about Newtimes Hair.

How to buy hair extensions wholesale at Newtimes Hair

To order wholesale hair extensions at Newtimes Hair, fill out our wholesale application form to provide us with your business information first. And once we have approved your application, a wholesale price will be calculated for you to check, easy peasy.

What is the MOQ order wholesale hair extensions at Newtimes Hair?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) with Newtimes Hair is three pieces. You will be granted a wholesale price by ordering three pieces of any item.

Does Newtimes Hair provide private-label hair extensions?

Yes, we have private-label hair extensions. You can request that when you place the order. They are available for reselling, re-branding, and salon use.


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June Chen

Sales representative


June is detail-oriented, excellent at simplifying complex issues, making them understandable to all our clients, particularly those new to our services and products or unfamiliar with China.

Originally from Weifang, China, known as the hometown of kites, June moved to Qingdao in search of a better work-life balance. This has been her first job ever since. Over the years working at Newtimes Hair, she has cultivated a friendly demeanor and a sense of humor. June considers Newtimes Hair her second home, a place where she invests her passion wholeheartedly.

Her role extends beyond just solving problems; June acts as a bridge between our team and our clients, embodying our commitment to impeccable customer service.

● What hobbies and interests do you have?

I enjoy exercising. That’s a very important part of my life. I’m a super active person.

● Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

No, not that I know of. I’m a very realistic person. If you mention outlandish stuff like aliens, monster in the bush, I’d be out of my mind.

● What is something you would love to do in the future?

I want to learn how to swim. I know it might sound a bit sarcastic, as I just mentioned that I enjoy doing exercise. Unfortunately, swimming hasn’t been on my list. I think I better catch up on that.

● What wig would you wear if you wore one and why?

I’d give HW1 a try. It looks natural and beautiful. Though we categorize it as a medical wig, almost any female can wear it. It’s got a lace mesh base, breathable, and flexible. You don’t need glue or tape to fix it to your head. Pretty easy, and it gives you all the long hair look a girl could want.


Sherry Sui

Sales representative


Are you new to China or the hair-making industry and feeling a bit lost about where to start? Sherry is your go-to expert. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of our products and services, Sherry will help you identify the perfect product combo aligning with your business needs and client requirements.

Grew up in Yantai, and moved to Qingdao in 2015 with a medical background, Sherry’s thoughts are beyond simply selling hairpieces. She cares about the end user’s health, too. In the process of sourcing the most suitable hairpieces for your clients, it’s worthwhile to pay attention to what Sherry says in terms of scalp health and hairpiece maintenance. You can think of her as a comprehensive, yet concise hairpiece encyclopedia, equipped to offer you top-notch recommendations and ideas for exceptional customer service.

  • How would people in the office describe you?

At our end-of-year conference, my colleagues agreed that I’m a warm hearted, positive, and easy-going teammate. It gives me a sense of reward.

  • Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

I don’t like being confined in a very small space. I believe it was due to a childhood experience. When I was six years old, I accidentally tripped and fell into a shallow well. I had to wait for two hours before I was found. Since then, I’ve found I just can’t tolerate the idea of being alone. I guess that makes me an active team player.

  • You are happiest when…

This may sound boastful, but it’s true. It’s just part of my nature to help others. When I actually see that what I did for them has helped them achieve something, it just makes me excited.

  • Which mens/womens hair system do you sell the most? Why that model?

I recomend HS25V. Oftentimes I’d introduce this model to my new clients to start with, so they can introduce this to their new clients see if hair systems are what really suit them, before they carry on with lace or mono hair systems.


Winni Yu

Sales Representative


Born in Weifang, China’s kite capital, and moved to Qingdao in 2013, Winni has never looked back. Since joining Newtimes Hair, Winni has been a dynamo of efficiency and innovation. She is a problem-solver brimming with ideas and has become a vital part of our team.

From your first contact with Winni to the moment your orders are delivered, Winni ensures a smooth and exciting experience. With her at the helm, the business isn’t just easy but exhilarating, and every challenge becomes an opportunity for innovation.

Transitioning from a client developer to a retention specialist, throughout the years, Winni has successfully assisted numerous clients in solving their issues, particularly concerning product details, logistics, or custom hiccups.

  • What hobbies and interests do you have?

I’m into so many things. All the popular stuff you name: Swimming, badminton, running, all for keeping me in good shape.

  • How would people in the office describe you?

They keep calling me “pretty Winni pretty brainy.” I’d take that as a compliment. I’d say I’m generally pretty fast in term of thinking and figuring out solutions. My teammates often turn to me for help, too. And It turned out that most of the time my ideas worked for them.

  • Do you have any pet hates?

I’m a typical town girl, you know. I’m into cats and dogs. But things like snakes, all sorts of insects, and hamsters; they are not my cup of tea. So, never get them near me.

  • Which mens/womens hair system do you sell the most? Why that?

Most of my clietns are after Q6. And their clients happened to be guys who are into hair systems that are durable and natural. Q6 is a pretty good pick for them. With proper care, it should easily last 6 months.


Tori Zhang

Sales Representative


Tori or Victoria to be exact, originally from Heze, brought her passion for life to Qingdao in 2016. An avid reader with a Teacher’s Qualification Certificate, Tori is known for her professional yet intriguing persona at the office.

As a quick learner, Tori always looks at customer’s needs from a tutor’s perspective. She has a sharp mind, is capable of picking up anything her client is unclear with, and offers the explanation in detail, making sure you understand it.

At Newtimes Hair, Tori thrives on the thrill of a sale, her triumphs now fueling the empowerment of her peers. Her journey at Newtimes Hair is marked by three profound words: abundant, proficient, and revolutionary.

  • Tell us an interesting fact about yourself other than your qualifications, your job.

I’m always fascinated about an exotic lifestyle. I really wish I could travel a lot, go to many different countries, and try their local gourmet food, and get in touch with the locals to actually have a feel of their culture.

  • Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

I’m always afaid of heights. With any tall buildings, be it a chimney or TV tower, I look at it, and imagine I’m looking down right from the top, it will give me sweaty palms.

  • Do you have any pet hates?

Not at all. I generally love all pets. Dog, cats, guinea pigs, rabits, etc. I love them.

  • Do you have a favourite quote?

When you feel tired,it means you are walking uphill. I believe this quote as a truth that gives me a lift whenever I’m down. I believe there’s no gain without pain. Without trying, we can’t achieve anything.

  • Which men’s/women’s hair system do you sell the most? Why that model?

With me personally, the best-selling hair system has been HS1. It has what it’s required out of a good quality hair system, in terms of a natural-looking hairline, undetectable scalp, etc. Most wearers and salon owners are familiar with it. Plus, all our clients have faith in the quality of this hair system. According to their feedback, this is an easy-to-attach, easy-to-maintain hair system for both men and women.


Ivan Mu

Sales representative


Born and raised in a quiet town named Binzhou, China, where the Yellow River whispers its final secrets to the ocean. Ivan’s life was set to transform in ways he could hardly imagine. After completing college in Qingdao, young Ivan little knew that this vibrant coastal city would capture his heart and chart a new course in his life.

Ivan joined Newtimes Hair in mid-2022 soon after his graduation from his master’s. As a trilingual and someone with a professional understanding of Western cultures, Ivan plays a critical role in establishing customer relations in the US and Europe. His approachable nature and a mind of precision make him an invaluable asset to the team.

  • How would people in the office describe you?

I eardrop, and I hear them talking about me. I’m optimistic, proactive, and very friendly, and eager to help.

  • What is something you would love to do in the future?

I love basketball. And I’m a basketball freak. You can call me that. That’s just me. I’m looking at organizing a basketball team in the near future. 

  • Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

I don’t know why I share the same gene with Doraemon. I’m scared of rats. I’m a 6’3″, but I hate rats; seeing one really freaks me out.

  • Which men/womens hair system do you sell the most? Why that model?

New Australia. When it first came out in early 2023, it made me top of sales. I think most wearers like it because at the design statge, our experts considered all possible aspects people could want from a hairpiece, such as a natural look, a level of comfort, and affordablity; it’s similar to lace, but most wearers can afford.