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Halo hair extensions

Budget friendly

Quick and simple installation

More freely, can be taken off everyday

Halo hair extensions are super convenient for quick installation! Anyone with a busy schedule knows that the ability to add volume and length in seconds is priceless and the halo hair extensions do exactly that!

Simply cover the natural hair with the extensions and secure them to the head with a secret wire – no tape, glue, weaves, or beads are needed!

This is the only type of hair extension that doesn’t physically attach to natural hair; instead, it sits over the top.

This means zero damage and the fastest possible application in just 30 seconds!

Once attached, the wire is completely invisible, and the hair hangs comfortably.

This is one of the best hair extensions for thin or fragile hair and works perfectly for half-up or hair-down hairstyles.

With regular maintenance, halo human hair extensions can last up to a year if worn regularly and longer if worn only occasionally.

New Times Hair halo extensions are made of premium Remy human hair. Your clients can get the length and volume of their dreams in an instant, pain and hassle-free!

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Is New Times Hair a halo hair extension manufacturer or wholesale distributor?

New Time Hair is an original halo hair extension manufacturer and a halo hair extension wholesale supplier and distributor with complete procedures from production to shipping.

With over ten years of experience in the business, you can trust us as your wholesale halo hair extension supplier!

At New Times Hair, we’re eliminating the middleman and empowering hair business owners and resellers, including local hair salons, hairstylists, hair extension supplies, beauty supply stores, wig retailers and wholesale distributors in the USA, Canada, UK, and more countries worldwide, to buy wholesale halor hair extension online directly from the manufacturer.

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What are halo hair extensions?

The halo hair extension is the newest type that does not attach to your client’s hair. Instead, it makes use of the natural shape of your client’s head natural and sits comfortably on her head like a tiara with an invisible wire. However, her natural hair will be sitting on top of the halo and firmly holding it in place.

How long does halo human hair extensions last?

Generally, human hair halo hair extensions can last up to a year with proper use and care. 

Do halo hair extensions stay in place?

The answer is ‘Yes.’

Halo hair extensions stay in place a whole day if put on correctly. They also feel comfortable to the head, compared to many other hair extension methods. Properly installed halos don’t budge, slip or even move about an inch until the wearer takes it off.

Do halo hair extensions damage our hair?

No! Halo extensions are perhaps the only hair extension method that does zero damage to our hair.

Unlike many other hair extension methods, halo hair extensions sit on the wearer’s hair like a crown rather than attach to it.

Even clip-in hair extensions generate minimal tug and pull against her natural hair, causing damage.

But with halo hair extensions, there’s no glue, tape, beads, clips, etc., used to cause damage to the wearer’s hair physically or chemically. A clear nylon wire makes halo extensions the most easily attached hair extensions on the market.

Can my client wear halo extensions in a ponytail?

Yes, absolutely. But try to avoid tight ponytails or buns too close to the scalp.

Are invisible halo hair extensions uncomfortable?

Absolutely not!

Halo hair extensions are the most comfortable method on the market. Your client won’t even feel she’s wearing it. It has the most natural look and blends perfectly well with her natural hair, is easy to attach, and is the least damaging to her natural hair.

Do invisible halo hair extensions look natural?

Yes, halo hair extensions look absolutely natural and invisible. They are made of 100% human hair. A clear wire allows for a stable and least noticeable attachment.

How much do halo hair extensions cost?

The average cost of halo hair extensions is around $200 to $500 for a high-quality, 100% remy human hair halo. Halo hair extensions are well worth its price because they’re very easy to maintain, very easy to put on & take off, and easy to style.

Are clip-ins or halo hair extensions better?

Both clip-ins and halo hair extensions have unique advantages and selling points.
Firstly halo hair extensions make the most effortless installation. Very easy to put on. A clear nylon wire is used to help mantle the extension on top of the crown. Halo hair extensions can carry the most hair load and do zero damage to the wearer’s natural hair.
Clip-ins, however, use clips to clip one or more wefts of hair to the wearer’s natural hair, which means pulls and tugs are generated against the natural hair and cause minimal damage.
But clip-in hair extensions have more options for styling. They can be clipped at various spots of her hair as required to give a particular style wanted. Whereas halo hair extensions can only be put on top of the crown to blend in with natural hair.

How to take care of halo hair extension

Avoid putting too many hair products on halo hair extensions, such as serums and oils. They can make dirt or dust stick to the hair, producing a gunky or matted feeling.

Never use hairspray on halo hair extensions before heating them, which would ruin the hair.

Avoid washing her halo extension(s) too often. Typically wash it after15-20 wears.
Apply heat protector on hair extension before applying heat for styling purposes.
Store it in any place cool, dark, and secure. Avoid exposure to the sun.


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