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Ponytail extensions are designed to lengthen and thicken the wearer’s ponytail. A bouncy, plump, and healthy-looking ponytail is the expected end product, which looks and feels fantastic. Ponytail hair extensions can also be used to create other hairstyles, such as a bun or braid. For these hairstyles, a wider ponytail can be used, as it gives the appearance of thickness. A concealable clip can be used to attach a ponytail extension component, which is typically 18 to 20 inches long.

Using extensions manufactured from natural human hair is always the best option if the wearer wants a soft, natural, and realistic look. To keep the hair extension in good shape and free of tangles, it is also advised that the wearer purchase a storage bag for when it is not in use.

At New Times Hair, we provide only the highest caliber, ethically sourced human hair ponytail hair extensions at guaranteed low wholesale prices.

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What is a ponytail extension?

Ponytail hair extensions are a kind of hair extensions used on the ponytail to add length and volume

The desired look is a bouncy, voluminous, and healthy-looking ponytail, allowing the wearer to feel great about herself.

Large-sized ponytails are beneficial, for they can be made into buns or braids, making hair look thicker.

A typical ponytail hair extension is usually around 18 to 20 inches long and can be put on using a sealable clip.

Hair extensions made of 100% human hair are recommended to achieve a soft, natural, and authentic appearance.

It is also recommended that the wearer should put ponytail hair extensions into a storage bag when the extensions are not in use. This will keep them in good condition and also avoid tangling.

At New Times Hair, we use 100% high-quality, ethically sourced human hair for ponytail extensions. The majority of them can be worn for at least twelve months, allowing the wearer to enjoy her awesome look for over a year.

How long do human hair ponytail extensions last?

Human hair ponytail extensions can go anywhere between 6 to 12 months for regular use.

They can last for one year or over if used occasionally, such as going to parties, dating, etc. 

How often should you wash ponytail hair extensions?

Every 15-20 wears.

Ponytail hair extensions are primarily clip-in extensions. They do not gather oil from our scalp. The wearer doesn’t have to wash clip-in hair extensions as often as other hair extensions. Typically for regular use, we recommend washing clip-in hair extensions (esp. ponytails) every 15-20 wears, especially when the wearer spots a build-up of dirt or oil. The less they get washed, the longer they will last.

How to put on a ponytail extension?

STEP 1: Tie natural hair up into a ponytail
Ponytail hair extensions are mainly used for adding length and volume to your client’s existing Ponytail. So they are generally clip-in ones.
Brush your own natural hair into a high ponytail. Position this Ponytail you’ve just made slightly higher than your desired height for the final look, and secure it with a hair band.
STEP 2:Brush ponytail extension
Get your client to gently brush through her ponytail hair extension using a wide-tooth hairbrush or comb, or paddle brush it to remove tangles.
STEP 3: secure ponytail hair extension
Get your client to slide the comb or hairbrush underneath her hair tie. Then wrap the velcro base around her own Ponytail she just made until it’s tightly wrapped around and secure.
Your client now needs to wrap a strand of hair on the hair extension around the base to conceal the band. Use hair one or multiple hair pins to secure it in place.
Your client can now move her head around, ensuring that her Ponytail now feels secure. Sleek and straight or teased and tousled, rock your Luxy Ponytail however and whenever you please.

Where can I buy bulk ponytail extensions?

New Times Hair is the answer
Having coped in the hair industry for over a decade, New Times Hair has developed itself into a full-stack hair product generator. With a well-developed, sizeable factory a few miles from our head office and an integrated technical and sales team, we manufacture, wholesale, customize and supply all sorts of hair systems and extensions.
Top hair quality, 100% human hair
All hair used here is 100% human hair, collected from ethical sources around the globe. The majority of hair we use for making hair extensions is Remy human hair and virgin hair to give the wearer the softest, sleekest, and most authentic look.
Throughout the years of hard work, we have developed a unique supply chain, allowing us to keep every production stage under close control to reduce costs to the minimum. This allows us to offer our clients the most favored wholesale price.
Reliable and efficient service
We have over 2000 regular customers in over 200 countries. They are salon owners, local distributors, resellers, private users, etc. All they like about New Times Hair is our detailed services, clear communication, and fast shipping. Our website incorporates an advanced online inventory system, which allows all essential procedures, such as inquiry, video calls, and placing orders, in one day. Once an order is placed, the item(s) will be shipped in 3-5 days. 
Customization available
We have over 100 creative workers who manually make hair systems and extensions for us. We can get the hair extension or any type of hair system made on request and promptly. Whatever the client wants, we will make it for her and ship it to her in no time. A personal consultant will be assigned to the enquirer. They can have as many sessions as possible till our customer is delighted with the product or service.

How to style a ponytail extension

A clip-on Ponytail is a type of non-permanent hair extension, meaning you can put them on and off whenever you like, no hairdresser appointment necessary. There are a few popular styles your client can style the ponytail hair extension into. Here are the top three styles.

Reversed Pony
Also known as the classic ponytail. This ponytail is the easiest to create. 
Steps to create this style: 
Get the user to give her hair a thorough brush and tie it up with a hair band, ensuring it doesn’t slip. She then can let out her fringe or shorter layers for a softer look. Attach her clip on the pony. Use the strand of hair to wrap around her ponytail and fasten it with one or two bobby pins.

Ideal for a night out. With this long pony you are the belle of the ball. This style is one of my favorites. It makes the wearer looks a bit taller. 
Steps of making this style: 
The wearer needs to brush her natural hair, smoothing it out as much as possible. Also make sure as she brushes, gathers the hair high up.
Keep brushing it higher! Once ready, fasten with an elastic hairband. Add in her ponytail hair extension.

The Low pony
If the wearer plans to rock the middle section of the ponytail without worrying about her ponytail sliding down, this one starts from the nape down and will never slip.
Steps to create this style: 
Add some leave-in Moisturiser into her hair. She needs to find the center part in the top section and brush hair in these sections out and down toward the nape. Once the hair is smooth enough and in place, tie it up with an elastic band. Now she can clip in her ponytail extension and wrap the extra hair around it. Last, she needs to fasten it with one or two bobby pins. Good to go!


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