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Hair extension tools, supplies, and accessories are essential for achieving a flawless and professionally applied full-head-of-hair look. With the right tools and materials, it’s easy to have beautiful extensions blend in perfectly with your natural hair. Here at New Times Hair, you will find everything you need for your hair extensions: glue, tape, hot guns, pliers, etc. We have everything to help you achieve a flawless and stunning hairstyle with top-notch hair extensions.


Stock silicone-lined micro ring beads to have a whole year’s supply!

Silicone micro ring beads for cold fusion hair extensions in a bottle
Silicone micro ring beads – 1,000 pcs / bottle.

Requiring no heat or glue, the micro ring beads are ideal for Y-tip, I-tip, and other cold fusion extensions. The wearer’s natural hair is forever safe from heat and chemical harm.

The micro ring beads are available in two sizes and nine colors, adapting to all hair color variations. When attached, the rings melt seamlessly into the hair, remaining undetectable.