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The Intergration is a kind of hair replacement which generally has a part with a large net allowing the user to pass their own hair through out to integrate it with the replacement hair.

This system is mainly used by women with clips for daily use or sewing or braiding for longer use times.

You can choose the hole size to suit your needs and you can also combine the net with other materials like PU or MONO if some areas of your scalp have little hair and need to be totally covered. However, if you suffer from more significant hair loss, you should consider one of our other hair replacement systems, like lace, skin, mono, and so on.

It can sometimes be difficult to find a ready-to-wear model that perfectly suits your needs and in this case we strongly advise you to opt for a custom order which is made exactly as your needs.

Since custom made products are made at our factory, we offer more prices that are more affordable than elsewhere.

For the edge of Intergration, there are four options.
1. Add PU, lace, or ribbon around the perimeter of the Intergration which helps to keep the shape. This is good choice for those who want combination of different base materials.  See picture below.

2. Fold the polyester line. This makes the Intergration more stable. This is also the most used option. If you only ask Intergration, we will do in this way. See picture below:

3. Add flower net. This gives a beautiful look, some clients like it. See picture below:

4. Twine the line carefully around the edge. This is the most labor intensive method, so there is an extra charge. This one looks more natural but it needs more time to do. See picture below:


The suitable knots of the Intergration is one kind of flat knots.

If you are interested in Intergration hair systems, welcome to email to: Vicky@newtimeshair.com .

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