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  • Stock Toupee Instructions: 0.08mm Super thin skin all over 
     Base Size  8"x10"
     Hair Length  6“
    Curl & Wave   3.0 cm
     Density  Medium-light
     Hair Color   #1, #1A, #1B, #2, #3, #4ASH, #4, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22 
     Hair Direction:  freestyle
     Hair Type:  Remy Indian hair





    This Remy hair super thin skin hairpiece is our newest stock order. It can be sent out within 24 hours once an order has been made.


    HS1 Super Thin Skin 0.08mm Stock Hair Replacement (1)

    This hairpiece is very similar to the HS1, they have the same base—it’s completely transparent, 0.08mm super thin skin. The skin material of this hair replacement system is a very popular material. Since it is transparent, it will give customers a very natural appearance. Furthermore, it makes for easy cleaning and holds tape or glue well.


    The only difference is the hair material, we choose Remy Indian hair on this piece instead of normal Indian hair. New Times Hair only chooses top-class Indian Remy Hair which was cut from the heads of young women, it is soft, stronger and healthier. Remy hair does not undergo heavy acid and softening treatment like normal Indian Hair, so the hair is not as soft, thin or shiny as normal Indian Hair at the beginning. However, since it is healthier and stronger, after a few times of washing, it will be shinier and smoother than normal Indian hair.HS1 Super Thin Skin 0.08mm Stock Hair Replacement (4)

    HS1 Super Thin Skin 0.08mm Stock Hair Replacement (5)

    We use V-looped hair on the front 1/2" of the hairline. V-looped hair has no knots so it makes for a very natural front hairline. We do single split knots on the rest of the hair system. Single splits knots are very delicate so they still give a natural appearance to your hairpiece but they also offer some durability. Compare with normal Indian hair, Remy hair has a much longer lifespan after bleaching the knots.


    The base size can also be custom-made to any size and hair of any length, color or density can be added. As a professional hair replacement system manufacturer, New Times Hair can also design any product according to your customers' requirements. HS1 Super Thin Skin 0.08mm Stock Hair Replacement (6)


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