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    Base Construction:   Silk top with injected PU all around
     Base Size:   Followed the template
     Hair Length:  6″“
    Curl & Wave:    4.0cm
     Density:   Medium light
     Hair Color:   Follow the color sample
     Hair Direction:   Freestyle


    This men’s toupee is one of our recent custom-made orders. It was made exactly to the requirements of the customer. As a professional men’s toupee manufacturer in China, New Times Hair can make any product according to the customer’s needs.

    The base design of this toupee is silk top – also called injected lace – in the middle with a 1” injected thin skin perimeter.

    Silk top is one of the most realistic knotting methods. There were no knots used on the base. The hair looked just like it was growing out of the scalp so it created a very realistic effect.

    For this toupee, there was also 1” of injected thin skin as the perimeter. Injected thin skin is another of the most realistic knotting methods. This knotting method also means there will be no knots on the perimeter.

    It also had a very thin layer of brushed poly strips across the silk top base. The poly holds the three layers of the silk top material together and made the whole base thinner.

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