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Lace Material For Toupee
For the base material for toupee, we have thin skin, lace, mono, polyester line, stretch lace and so on. Today, we’d like to introduce 3 kinds lace material: French lace, Swiss lace and German net.
For this 3 kinds lace material, all of them are breathable and flexible. It can be stretch and adapt to any contour of crown. So there will have no “ air pocket” at the crown area with a snug fit.
Swiss lace is the most thinnest and softest one, when you wear it, it will be very comfortable. But because it’s the thinnest, so it will easy damaged and can’t last for a long time.
French lace is the most popular one, it’s soft and thin enough, but more durable than swiss lace, so it can last for a longer time than Swiss lace.
German net is the most durable one, it’s not so soft compare to swiss lace and French lace, but softer than mono lace. So if you want the longest life time, you can try it.
Hope this info can help you how to try the lace material. Any other questions please contact anytime.

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