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Wholesale high quality wig suppliers

Hair type: As per the hair sample which the customer sent to us .

Base construction: Lifted injection 0.10-0.12mm clear pu, front maintain 1/2″ extra thin skin for no ventilation.

Base size: As per customer’s template

Hair length: As per customer’s  hair sample.

Hair density: Front hairline: Light

Front and temple: light to medium light

Rest part: medium

Hair color:  As per customer’s color sample.

Wave & curl: As per customer’s  hair sample.

Hair direction: Free style

Shipping Method: EMS,DHL,UPS,FEDEX fast shipment, directly to your door

Lead time:         Regular service at 5-6 weeks, Rush order 4 weeks

Payment method:   PayPal, Wire transfer, Western Union, Bank Transfer.

Our Newtimeshair is a professional wig suppliers for hair wigs. We are good at making custom orders all same as the customer’s hair sample.

Pictures :




China Hair System Supplier: Newtimes Hair, specializing in mens hair toupee, hair integration systems(hair replacement for women), lady’s wigs,lace front wig, both custom-made and stock orders, paying attention to the details and guaranteed the quality are our purpose.

Real factory, high quality custom toupee, Newtimes Hair is the best choice!

If you have any question or enquiry, please feel  free to contact our sales representative below, we are so glad to help


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