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    Base Construction:   Fine welded mono with PU back sides
     Base Size:   Followed the sample
     Hair Length:   Followed the sample “
    Curl & Wave:    Natural straight
     Density:   Medium
     Hair Color:   Follow the color sample
     Hair Direction:   Freestyle


    This mono hairpiece for women is one of our recent custom-made orders. It was made exactly to the requirements of the customer. As a professional hairpiece manufacturer in China, New Times Hair can make any product according to the customer’s needs.

    The base design of this hair piece is fine welded mono with PU coating on the back and sides with a double layer of fine welded mono 1/4” back from the front edge.

    Fine welded mono is transparent and at the same time, it is one of the most durable base materials so the hairpiece is both undetectable and durable.

    The back and sides are PU coating. This strengthens the whole piece and also makes the tape or glue stick easier. There is also a PU step on the back. Since you would not apply tape or glue on this step like you would do on the edge of PU coating, a name tag here would last longer than if it were on the edge PU coating.

    There is a double layer of fine welded mono 1/4” back from the front edge because it is here where tape or glue is usually also applied. So it is often this part that starts to wear first but a double layer can make the whole piece last longer.

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