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    Base Construction:   Fine welded mono with
    clear pu back sides lace front
     Base Size:  Followed the template
     Hair Length:  6″“
    Curl & Wave:   4.0cm
     Density:   Medium
     Hair Color:   Followed the color sample
     Hair Direction:  Free style


    This wig is one of our recent custom-made orders. It is made exactly to the requirements of the customer. As a hair piece manufacturer, New Times Hair can make any product according to the customer’s needs.

    The base design of this product is fine welded mono with a very thin layer of PU that covers the back and sides and a French lace front.

    The fine welded mono is transparent, breathable and durable. It makes for a natural, comfortable and strong base.

    The thin layer of PU that covers the back and sides allows wearers to stick tape or glue very easy. It also strengthens the edge of the back and sides.

    French lace is thinner than fine welded mono. Therefore a French lace front creates a more natural hairline. We also we do a wider overlap on the the two laces as this can strengthen the link and make it a good place for attaching tape.

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