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    Base Construction:   Mono with clear PU
     Base Size:   Followed the sample
     Hair Length:   Followed the sample “
    Curl & Wave:    Natural straight
     Density:   Medium
     Hair Color:   Follow the color sample
     Hair Direction:   Freestyle




    This ladies' wig is one of our recent custom-made orders. It was made exactly to the requirements of the customer. As a professional wig wholesaler from China, New Times Hair can make any product according to the customer's needs.

    This is a very basic wig design – it is popular and worn all over the world.

    The principal material of this wig is fine mono. Fine mono is one of the strongest base materials so it gives a very durable base.

    Clear PU is thinner and less detectable than NPU or PU with gauze. It therefore makes the edge of the wig more natural.

    There is 1/4”of PU coating across the middle of the wig. This is because the wig was made using two pieces of mono. When the wig size is larger than 8”x 10” ,it requires two pieces of mono material with a 1/4" NPU link to get the best possible shape.


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